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Trade Account Customers: WiFi Network Hardware

Trade Account Customers: WiFi Network Hardware


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Quick Summary

Wireless communications hardware is NetXL’s forte. Trade account customers can take advantage of their special terms with us to source the network hardware they need for themselves and their clients at the best prices possible.

Why NetXL for WiFi Hardware?

On top of some of the most competitive pricing in the UK for WiFi hardware, NetXL also offers discounts on all bulk orders. Volume pricing options are listed on product pages for the customer’s convenience, so you’re never left guessing just what kind of per-unit saving might be in store for you by ordering fifty units instead of five.

What’s more, our in-house experts are incredibly well-versed in all the products we stock. Our customer care team is capable not just of advising consumers, but also of talking knowledgeably with industry professionals like IT consultants and installers, ensuring you get intelligent and exciting recommendations.

Remember, if you have a trade account with us, then make sure to take advantage of your special terms to get the products you need in the most cost-efficient manner possible. And, if you’re a potential customer looking to do business on a larger scale, don’t hesitate to contact us directly for a chance of securing some special terms of your own.

Remote Management Solutions and Wireless Access Points

The portal to the internet for most devices today, unless you’re using an ethernet cable to plug directly into your router or network switch, you can’t connect to a local network without interfacing with a wireless access point (WAP).

Depending on the scale and demands of the deployment in question, you’ll need anywhere from a few WAPs to dozens. Those larger-scale, multi-site deployments that do require many WAPs often also require remote management solutions.

Ubiquiti’s UniFi range is manageable via the powerful and intuitive UniFi Network Controller. Operable as software either locally on any dedicated or non-dedicated device, or remotely on a server or cloud service, the UniFi Controller gives you maximum visibility into the workings of your network while enabling easy but powerful configuration and security options.

Our most popular access points, the UniFi UAP-AC-PRO and UAP-AC-LITE, are both manageable via the UniFi Network Controller. Alongside standalone wired access points, UniFi mesh access points like the UAP-AC-M MESH are also available and manageable via the Controller. The mesh points are perfect for extending wireless network coverage outdoors or throughout a home without many ethernet outlets. When it comes to remote management solutions for enterprise-grade WAPs, NetXL has you and your clients covered.


Ubiquiti's UniFi UAP-AC-PRO Wireless Access Point

There’s also the Netgear Insight range, designed to be simple to use without sacrificing power. For your less technically-minded clientele, or for those who prefer a more minimalistic interface, Netgear’s Insight-managed hardware could be the perfect solution.

With a powerful, easy to use smartphone app, users can set up and install Insight managed switches, WAPs and routers. Users can deploy firmware updates to their network devices remotely and otherwise manage and monitor them from anywhere.

With Netgear’s Insight Premium subscription service, users can access Netgear’s Insight Portal from their desktop or mobile device to monitor network devices, network traffic connected clients and more. Keeping up to date with performance and utilisation of all one’s Netgear access points like the WAC505, capable of achieving an aggregate throughput across both of its dual bands of more than 1Gbps, or the WAC540, capable of delivering up to 3Gbps with support for up to 600 users, adaptive band steering and client-channel load balancing, couldn’t be easier than with Netgear’s Insight network management system.


Netgear's Insight-managed WAC540 wireless access point

As if all those options weren’t enough, NetXL stocks Draytek and TP-Link products too. These represent excellent, cost-effective solutions for consumers and those who want to take a plug-and-play approach to their network setup.

As an installer, IT consultant or end consumer, you and your clients are spoilt for choice with the range of wireless access points available from NetXL and, with your trade terms, you’ll get even better deals on the products we stock.

Network Switches and Routers

We stock network switches in abundance, offering both managed and unmanaged varieties. PoE powered and offering 16 ports, Ubiquiti’s UniFi USW-16-POE is one of our best selling switches.

The greater the number of ports on a switch, the greater the number of products you can source and install for your customers, improving your profit margins. Larger network switches mean more scalable networks, which should mean more repeat business for you, too.

TP Link, Draytek and Netgear switches are all available from NetXL, so you can offer your clientele the brands they’re used to or upsell them on a higher-end product; whichever wins you the job.

As for routers, a quality router is the lodestone of any effective wireless network. All network traffic to the wider internet is guaranteed to pass through it at some point. This means that your router can serve as a critical bottleneck for you or your client’s network, or its greatest security asset.


Ubiquiti's ER-X EdgeRouterX

For small businesses and simpler, no-frills network setups, Ubiquiti’s ER-X EdgeMAX Edgerouter is a firm favourite. Combining carrier-class reliability with an excellent price-to-performance ratio, 5 gigabit ethernet ports and PoE all in a tiny-but-durable metal casing, the ER-X represents an excellent and capable router that is accessible to all.

For large enterprises demanding high security and control over their network traffic, the DrayTek Vigor 2862n is perfect. The ‘Ultimate DSL router’ can do it all, with 32 VPN tunnels for teleworkers or LAN-to-LAN connections, DrayTek’s excellent firewall service, up to 300Mb/s throughput (even with the firewall active) and 3-to-4 simultaneous WAN connections make this truly powerful router the perfect recommendation.

And, for routers that can be managed via remote management software, Ubiquiti’s UniFi Dream Machine or Security Gateway are both excellent options. Alternatively, fans of Netgear products will find that their Insight-managed routers will do the job perfectly.

Lithe Audio

By now it should be clear that, no matter your clients’ needs, NetXL can deliver you the products you need to make their dream installation a reality. And, once your client is happy with their network configuration, you can offer them an added bonus with Lithe Audio wireless ceiling speakers.


As a means of broadening the services you can offer to clients and upselling some extra products, Lithe Audio products represent the perfect pitch. “Now that you’ve got your network installed, would you like some ceiling speakers you can control from your phone as well? Just half a day’s work…”. As simply as that, you could have an even more thrilled client and more money in your pocket.

And, if you’re thinking that you’re not qualified to install audio equipment, don’t worry. The four-step installation process for these ceiling speakers is essentially DIY-level installation, so if you’re capable of installing networking hardware, then you’re more than capable of installing these too. Unlike the traditional install-process for ceiling speakers, Lithe Audio speakers were designed with a non-intrusive installation method in mind, made possible by their built-in amplifier and the ability to be powered directly from the lighting circuit.


For more on Lithe Audio wireless ceiling speakers, read our dedicated blog announcing us as a Lithe Audio distributor and detailing the specifics of their product line.

Whether you’re an installer, an IT consultant or an end consumer, wireless access points, network switches and routers make up the holy trinity of wireless networks and NetXL stocks it all. If you need Mesh APs or even simpler solutions like Ubiquiti’s AmpliFi Instant router, we’ve got you covered there too, still with the great service you’ve come to expect and our generous 7pm cutoff for next day delivery.

If you’re a trade customer, be sure to take advantage of your special terms with us to get your hands on these products for you and your clients at the best prices possible.

Trade Account Customers: WiFi Network Hardware