2N Access Commander: Access Control Device Management Platform

2N Access Commander: Access Control Device Management Platform

7 Feb 2021 | 5 min read

Quick Summary

2N Access Commander allows for remote management of 2N Access Control devices across multiple sites. Learn about licensing options and more.

What Is 2N Access Commander?

Multi-Site Access Control Device Management

2N Helios produce state of the art IP Intercom and IP Access Control units for businesses and residential sites. 2N Access Commander is a software platform developed to make centralised management of all your clients’ 2N Access Control devices easy and simple. As a result, this makes any 2N Access Control system cost-effective, powerful and highly scalable, with the option to remotely manage multiple sites from a single online interface.

When it comes to functionality, 2N Access Commander can auto-distribute changes across all connected 2N Access Control devices on the network. Admins can create zones for all the client’s devices with specific access rules for each zone and deploy any changes on a zone-by-zone basis. In the event of an emergency, admins will be informed immediately either via email or via the notification icon in the event of an alarm or disconnection, so your client will always know immediately if the security of their business has been compromised. For large organisations with multiple offices nationwide that need high security, 2N Access Commander further strengthens 2N’s position as the perfect solution.


2N's access commander empowers admins to remotely manage limitless 2N Access Control units across multiple sites.

Employee Attendance Tracking

In addition to device monitoring and management, 2N Access Commander can also be used to record employee attendance. In emergency situations, it’s easy to track who is present in the building. In the event of a fire, for example, your client will know which staff members are out on lunch and which were present in the building at the time of the emergency, making it easy to know who needs to be accounted for.

Such functionality will also be useful to your clients as a simple and efficient means of monitoring employee attendance, with the data easily viewable by web or by exporting to XLS or CSV file formats for later analysis.

The Types of 2N Access Control Entry Methods Available

Units with both intercom and access control functions are available, but standalone access control units are also available by virtue of the IP Verso’s modular design.

  • RFID
    • ID cards and Tags
    • Phones:
      • Android NFC
      • BlueTooth (swipe or 2N App Unlock)
  • Fingerprint module (IP Verso only)
  • Keypad code

For buildings with greater security requirements, multiple methods of access control can be implemented on a single 2N device. For example, high-security areas can be protected by both card-swipe and key-code requirements. Until both entry methods have been verified, the door will remain locked.

With the modular design of the highly popular, highly versatile 2N IP Verso, your flexibility when it comes to intercom/access control configurations is endless. Fingerprint scanning modules can be added alongside RFID readers and your Access Commander admin has the option of requiring verification from either or both of these entry methods before access is granted. RFID readers can be used in conjunction with a multitude of entry methods including key fobs and ID cards and entry by phone.


Does My Business Need 2N Access Commander?

Since 2N access control units connect to your network, they can be managed and configured locally over the device’s web management (just like a router or IP phone). For businesses with just one or two devices, this may well be efficient and cost-effective. However, for large office buildings or businesses with multiple sites countrywide, managing every device individually becomes highly inefficient. This is where 2N Access Commander steps in.

2N Access Commander is a software platform with higher priority than your local settings, meaning local settings will be overridden when Access Commander is turned online. For businesses that have slowly brought more and more 2N access control units onboard, this means you won’t have to spend time removing the settings you configured locally via web management before your settings on 2N Access Commander come into effect.

If your client is a business owner or property developer looking to build for a business owner and the plan is to have high-security at one or multiple sites, requiring the installation of many 2N access control units, then 2N Access Commander is essential. When it comes to managing and monitoring these devices going forward, there is no better means than through the Access Commander platform.

2N Access Commander Licensing

2N Access Commander requires a license to use. Businesses can manage one device for free, but a license is needed per every five devices. This means a small business with access control on only the front door will be able to use the Access Commander service for free to remotely manage and monitor their office’s security. Larger companies, in contrast, may need dozens of licenses.

A different licensing model is in place for those businesses wishing to use Access Commander primarily for monitoring employee attendance. These licenses enable the monitoring of up to ’25 attendance users’ per license, rather than up to five devices.

2N Access Control at NetXL

If you’re a networks installer looking for products to add to your repertoire, 2N can make a great addition for large businesses and multi-site installations requiring higher security measures.

Here at NetXL, we stock a number of 2N card readers, keypads modules, RFID readers and hybrid touchpad-RFID reader units. When purchasing with us, you’ll get great pricing as standard, plus a volume pricing discount on bulk orders. With next-day delivery available for orders placed until 7pm and even better terms available for Trade Account customers, there’s no better place from which to source your network hardware than NetXL.

2N Access Commander: Access Control Device Management Platform