Grundig IP Security Cameras Guide

Grundig IP Security Cameras Guide

27 Apr 2021 | 10 min read

Quick Summary

Grundig CCTV IP cameras are suitable for a wide range of business and industry applications. Find out what type of camera you need for your application.

Who Are Grundig? What Are Grundig CCTV Cameras?

Grundig Security, brought to you by the same geniuses in charge of Grundig home appliances, offers business- and industry-grade IP security cameras and Network Video Recorders (NVRs) from a name already synonymous with high-quality tech.

Already then, these cameras have a stolid stamp of approval to sway you strongly in the direction of their favour but, once you see the specs, accolades won’t be necessary since the products speak for themselves.

In this primer article, we’ll get you acquainted with Grundig as a security camera powerhouse, as well as steer you through their superb line of products, while proudly reporting that NetXL is to be the sole UK distributor of Grundig IP cameras.

Who Are Grundig PoE IP Cameras For?

Grundig IP CCTV cameras are best applied in business and industry, though some home users will find their products cost-effective and easy enough to use, too.

Grundig cameras are appropriate for the following business types, plus many more:

  • Supermarkets
  • Airports and Seaports
  • Banks
  • SMBs
  • MNCs
  • Toll bridges
  • Secure Car Parks
  • Apartment buildings
  • Hospitals

The following are a few detailed, practical applications that focus on the security capabilities of Grundig’s PTZ, dome and bullet IP cameras and their associated Video Management System (VMS) C-Werk. Like other NVR camera systems, any VMS can be used with Grundig IP cameras.

Deep Learning Analytics for Body Posture Recognition

Built into Grundig’s C-WERK software is an AI with deep learning capabilities that can learn to recognise complex elements within recorded footage. This can be used to automate checks on whether your construction contractors are wearing the appropriate protective gear and headgear on-site, for example. It’s even able to analyse human body language to filter for known threat postures and deliver early alerts to security. Useful for banks and airports, for example, to bring attention to suspicious individuals before they can be permitted access to a sensitive area or allowed on board.

What’s more, Face Search makes it possible to recognise and identify faces, making it easy to filter out all footage containing a particular individual or to alert security teams that a barred individual has been spotted inside your high-end club or casino, for example.

This same AI can be used to recognise and classify objects so as to adjust the sensitivity of alerts in the event of a perimeter breach or break-in. All of the above can reduce staffing costs by automating simple surveillance operations.

C-WERK VMS's deep learning facial recognition capabilities can pick out faces from crowds, further boosting site security.

Body Temperature Measurement

Within Grundig’s Thermal Imaging cameras is the technology to measure body temperature. Of utmost utility where security requirements are highest, people with higher body temperature can be picked out in a crowd instantly, making it simple to identify threats, especially when combined with the aforementioned body posture analysis courtesy of C-WERK’s deep learning faculties.

Another application with great practical utility, Thermal Imaging cameras can be deployed in hospitals to identify infected individuals for quarantine with great oversight. Particularly pertinent right now as restrictions and lockdowns are gradually eased and the World emerges from the shadow of Covid-19, Grundig’s Thermal Imaging IP cameras can serve as a fast, effective means of checking crowds for infected individuals. As economic growth resumes and public events become more commonplace, these cameras can identify infected individuals, who can then be denied entry, preventing the spread of the virus while allowing the entertainment industry to spring back into life.

Number Plate Recognition

Number plate recognition (NPR), again built into Grundig’s C-WERK Video Management Software (VMS) makes Grundig security cameras an excellent choice for toll booths on motorways and other vehicle entry/exit points either as a security precaution or to save costs by removing the need to deploy staff to these locations.

Further, the excellent image quality and optical zoom present on many models of Grundig PTZ, Dome and Bullet IP cameras, combined with a wide range of mount and bracket options, gives installers flexibility in the mounting position of each camera.

What Grundig Surveillance Cameras Are Available?

From Pan Tilt Zooms (PTZ) to Bullet and Dome cameras, Grundig has you covered with their wide product range, with a number of choices in focal lengths and Megapixel (MP) sensor options.

IP, HD-TVI and Thermal Imaging Cameras

Grundig’s three main product umbrellas are IP cameras, HD-TVI cameras and Thermal Imaging cameras. As mentioned earlier, Thermal Imaging cameras are used for body temperature measurement. IP cameras offer a modern surveillance solution, connected to your network hardware for efficient power supply via PoE and recording directly to Network Attached Storage (NAS) or Network Video Recorder (NVR) devices. HD-TVI cameras offer a means of upgrading surviving standard definition systems to high definition 1080p+ using the existing coax cabling infrastructure.

Camera types: Box, Bullet and Dome Cameras

IP Bullet Cameras

  • Standard bullet cameras with varifocal (non-motorised) or motorised zoom.
  • Mini-bullet —> Shorter, fixed focal lengths for close-quarters, wide-angle viewing.

Dome IP Cameras

  • PTZ dome —> Premium dome cameras with extreme optical zoom (up to 36x zoom available). Higher end models do away with the glass dome to prevent IR bounceback. High-speed motorised repositioning. Pendulous design, suitable only for girder/ceiling/cross-bar mounting.
  • Mini fixed dome —> fixed, short focal length. Wide FoV. 2-axis pan and tilt only (suitable for ceiling mounting).
  • Fixed dome —> varifocal lenses, some with a motorised zoom. Best weather- and vandal-proofing. Glass dome can interfere with IR sensor performance, reducing low-light performance. 3-axis gimbal makes suitable for both ceiling and wall mounting.
  • Fisheye —> a subclass of dome camera; the fisheye lens distorts the final image but offers an extremely wide field of view. No rotation or tilt-axis control.

Box Cameras

  • Like a bullet camera, but lenses are sold separately, giving the installer flexibility with box camera/lens combinations.
  • Many Grundig models have strong IP and IK ratings for weatherproofing and vandal proofing, while IP models can be powered with PoE.
Grundig's IP bullet cameras have great range and superb low-light performance.

Bullet vs Fix Dome vs PTZ IP Cameras: Pros and Cons

Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are not as tamper-proof as their glass-housed dome camera counterparts. This is a result of their orientation being determined by the positioning of the mount-arm, which can be manually changed by would-be vandals. Further, the lens is exposed, meaning it can be scratched or otherwise damaged.

However, the design of bullet cameras usually accommodates larger lenses than dome and turret cameras, often resulting in (all else being equal) better image quality. What’s more, bullet cameras are naturally more visible than dome cameras, making them a good deterrent.


  • Good deterrent (highly visible).
  • Larger lenses → greater detail at long distances and good night vision even at greater distances.


  • Cannot be repositioned after the fact (restricted field of view)
  • Not vandal-proof

Fixed Dome Cameras

The glass dome encasement makes dome IP cameras much more vandal-proof than any other camera type. Since the camera’s orientation is determined by its inner pan and tilt motors and it is protected by a glass dome, passers-by cannot tamper with it.

The glass dome also serves to partly conceal the direction the camera is oriented in, making dome cameras more difficult to effectively bypass without detection. Their low profile and flush ceiling/wall mounting options make these cameras blend in well with surroundings, making them great for corporate environments and also for discreet placement where they may not be detected, increasing the likelihood of successfully capturing evidence of break-ins.

Unfortunately, the outer glass dome can interfere with the performance of the infrared sensor in a phenomenon known as infrared bounce-back where infrared light glares off of the interior of the glass dome and interferes with the final image. Turret and bullet IP cameras do not have this issue since they are not encased in a glass dome, though this leaves these models relatively unprotected against the elements and vandalism.

Finally, the seal between the glass dome and the fixing on older dome cameras can begin to fail, leading to condensation and fog on the dome itself, obscuring the surroundings and rendering a poor quality final image.


  • Tamper-proof
  • Discreet and low-profile


  • Poorer low light performance
  • Potential issues with condensation/fogging as the camera ages
Fix dome cameras can be mounted discreetly on ceilings or, with 3-axis gimbals, on walls as well.

PTZ IP Cameras

Grundig's PTZ cameras share many design elements with dome cameras, though they do away with the glass dome, solving the issue of infrared glare on the glass surround. This leads to a higher quality final image and better performance in low light conditions as the infrared sensor is free to do its job unimpeded.

As these are Grundig’s premium line of dome IP cameras, they are still IP66/7 and IK10 rated, meaning they retain their weather- and vandal-proofing. Much larger than fixed dome cameras, these units are more conspicuous and therefore more likely to offer as an early deterrent, rather than a discreetly placed camera likely to be missed by thieves already on the property.


  • Great performance in every category.


  • Restrictive mounting options.
  • Most expensive.


Grundig cameras come with a variety of megapixel sensor ranges and lens focal lengths. For more on what these mean and how to choose, check out our Megapixels and Focal Lengths primer.

Advantages of Grundig Security Cameras

H.265+ Codec

Grundig cameras support the H.265+ codec, which allows for HD recorded video without massive bandwidth and storage requirements. With H.265+, there’s an 87.5% reduction in the size of a 24hr recording’s video file vs the same length of recording at the same quality with the H.264 codec. This means much greater efficiency in the recording and storing of your footage, so you’ll be able to hold onto more footage for longer with lower demand on your network.

C-WERK Video Management System

C-WERK supports over 10,000 IP devices, meaning it can be used to manage an almost unlimited number of cameras, servers and remote clients. Advanced video analytics and fast video footage retrieval via the aforementioned Forensic Search are present and you get all this with a flat pricing model. Costs won’t scale up as you grow and, whilst there are no maintenance fees, you also get free support, meaning you always know what to expect.

SCMS IP Camera Viewer Software

Available as a free download for your smartphone, Grundig’s SCMS app allows you to live-view streamed feeds from your Grundig IP CCTV cameras wherever you are. The app is simple and easy to use, allowing users to view camera feeds with minimal fuss. Scan your Grundig camera’s QR code or add cameras manually using the device serial number, whatever’s easiest. Combine SCMS with any VMS and NVR/NAS solution for a comprehensive viewing, management and recording NVR camera system.

NetXL Stock of Grundig Security IP Cameras

To begin with, NetXL will be stocking the following Grundig Security SKUs:

  • GD-CI-DC4617T (4MP Mini-Bullet IP Camera 4mm Lens)
  • GD-CI-AP4617T (4MP Mini-Bullet IP Camera 4mm Lens)
  • GD-CI-BC4627T (4MP Bullet IP Camera 2.8-12mm Vari-Focal Lens)
  • GD-CI-BP4637T (5MP Bullet IP CAMERA 2.8-12mm Motorised Zoom Lens)
  • GD-CI-CC2616V (2MP Mini Fixed Dome IP Camera 2.8mm Lens)
  • GD-CI-BC4627V (4MP Fixed Dome IP Camera 2.8-12mm Vari-Focal Lens)
  • GD-CI-CC4617V (4MP Mini Fixed Dome IP Camera 2.8mm Lens)
  • GD-CI-BP4637E (4MP Eyeball IP Camera 2.8-12mm Motorised Zoom Lens)
  • GD-CI-AP4617W (4MP Mini Fixed Dome IP Camera 2.8mm Lens)
  • GD-CI-AP2747P (2MP PTZ Dome IP Camera 32x Zoom)
  • GD-CI-AP5617F (5MP Fisheye IP Camera f=1.05mm fisheye lens)

Stock is available now! For quotes or further questions about Grundig IP Cameras and NVR Surveillance Equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Grundig IP Security Cameras Guide