Bold Smart Locks for AirBnB

Bold Smart Locks for AirBnB

20 Dec 2022 | 5 min read

Quick Summary

Are you an AirBnB owner looking to simplify and improve your security measures? Keep reading to find out how Bold can be the ultimate solution.

How Bold can simplify being an AirBnB owner

Tired of dealing with the hassle of keeping your properties secure? Struggling to take control of access and key management in each of your AirBnB properties? Bold Smart Lock is the solution for you. Not only can you check your guests in remotely, you can future date windows of access for the duration of their stay which will automatically be removed upon checkout. Is there anything simpler than that?!

Whether you’re the guest or host, Bold Smart Lock makes the entire experience seamless by giving you the ability to access the property without worrying about keeping track of keys. Keys can get stolen, lost and even duplicated, but with Bold, all you need is the free Bold app. Invite your guests via text, the app takes minutes to install and their access permissions will be available instantly. With all of this in mind, your lock also boasts the highest security rating possible: you can't get better than that!

Intrigued? We thought so. Let’s dive into Bold, and how it can transform your Airbnb business.

Sharing access

If you need a stress free and simple process to invite your guests and cleaners in then this lock is a must have for any Airbnb host.

Say goodbye to key boxes and the stress of keeping your property secure, no matter where in the world you are.; Key cloning and break-ins are worries of the past when you use the Bold Smart Lock to take complete control over everybody that enters and exits your property on your terms.

To invite new users to access your property, simply open your Bold app and click the plus icon, and enter new users. Your guests will have to download the app to enter the property, where they’ll be granted access from you. You can select what kind of access you want to grant, from ‘permanent’, ‘temporary’, and ‘recurring’.

Along with selecting access types for your guests, you can also set time windows to determine when they have access to your property, and when this access runs out. When your guest’s stay is complete, they will be locked out of the property and unable to return; so you can be assured that your locations are extra safe between stays.

Cleaner comes every Tuesday? Set a time diary so they can only access when it suits you.

Can I install Bold all by myself?

Yep! The last thing you need as a busy Airbnb host is costly and complicated installation of your locks. And that’s exactly why you need Bold.

Bold Smart Locks can be installed in just three steps:

1. Measure your lock

2. Set up the lock by connecting it to the free Bold app

3. Swap your Euro Cylinder for a Bold Smart Cylinder

Check out our Sizing guide to find the best lock for you. Any troubles in installing? Take a look at our Youtube video!

Remote activation: Bold Connect

The reason Bold is key for your AirBnb portfolio is remote activation: enable access to your property from wherever you are!

You will need a handy Bold Connect to bridge your Bluetooth Smart Lock to the Wi-Fi, to allow the device to operate your Smart Locks any time, anywhere.

This is where the magic happens. Once you’ve paired your Bold Connect to your Smart Lock, the button on your app will be activated no matter how far you are from your property. Need to let somebody in but you’re on holiday? At work? With family? No problem. It’s business as usual with the Bold Connect.


Curious about just how secure Bold Smart Locks are?

Generally speaking, many Smart Lock brands sell just that: locks. The original mechanism of gears and motors that turn your keys still remains. Unlike other brands, Bold uses its own Smart Cylinder to replace the existing cylinder that was used in your door. This means that your entire lock is updated to the highest security standard when opting for Bold, and has offers features that are sure to keep unwanted guests at bay:

SKG*** Certified: All Bold Smart Locks are SKG*** certified, the highest possible burglary resistance classification available

Anti-core pull protection: Core pulling is a method used by burglars that involves screwing into the cylinder lock. Bold Smart Locks have no key holes, as there are no keys, so core-pulling is impossible.

Duracore ™ barriers: Burglars can drill through traditional locks, imitating a key and allowing for forced entry. Bold Cylinders are made using Duracore™ materials; they're super strong, and protect your property from drilling.

Check out our dedicatedhref="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">blog on Bolds security here for more information.

Bold for Business

Bold for Business is a platform that allows organised access management for users with multiple locks and properties. It allows you to group users and locks to make granting permission super easy. The access log allows you to filter and view by user and door to allow you to keep an eye on your guest access on all properties.




Buy Bold today

Bold Smart Locks are so much more than ‘just a lock’; they are organisational tools to take control of all of your properties, no matter where they are in the world, they are the long awaited solution to simplify a relaxing getaway for Airbnb hosts and guests alike, and they are the future. Maximise the potential of your business by eliminating the unnecessary stress of keys with Bold.

Bold Smart Locks for AirBnB