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Which POE injector is compatible with my Unifi equipment?

Ubiquiti offer a wide range of Unifi access points and cameras, with all of them supporting a form of PoE (Power over Ethernet).


There are various types of POE: 


  • Passive 24v PoE - This is Ubiquiti's terms for a passive "always on" PoE, and is the oldest form of PoE that Ubiquiti devices support. 
  • 802.3af - Also known as standard PoE, this is the most common PoE used for Ubiquiti kit and all of their switches support it. 
  • 802.3at - Commonly known as PoE+, this is usually used to power more power hungry devices such as larger cameras and access points. It is also backwards compatible, so it can also support devices that would typically require 802.3af. 
  • 802.3bt - PoE++ is the 'strongest' form of PoE the Ubiquiti offer on their devices, and also the least supported. Only used for devices that need up to 60w of power supplied to them.

Below I have listed the Ubiquiti devices we sell on the site and their relevant PoE injector. 


The POE-24-12W-G supports the following devices: 


The POE-48-24W-G supports the following devices: 


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