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P over Coax / BNC Cameras

Cameras that are Powered via a Coax Cable / Bayonet Neill-Concelman Connector for CCTV Security

Power over Coaxial (PoC) Cameras are powered by the DVR via coaxial video cable rather than an ethernet cable. BNC (Bayonet Neill-Concelman) Connectors allows you to connect the camera to the DVR unit. This removes the requirement for separate cables and power supplies which would otherwise be needed to power your cameras, making installation much more cost-effective and efficient.

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P over Coax / BNC Cameras Hardware
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  • DS-2CE56H0T-IT3ZE 5MP PoC Turret Camera Left Side

    Hikvision DS-2CE56H0T-IT3ZE

  • DS-2CE56H0T-IT3ZE-GREY 5MP PoC Turret Camera Side