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  • Draytek Vigorswitch P1092 8 Port Gigabit Web Smart Switch PoE

    The VigorSwitch P1092 is a high-performance, Gigabit smart switch with PoE+ (Power over Ethernet) on 8 RJ-45 ports (plus 2 additional SFP ports). All 8 ports are full speed Gigabit (1000Mb/s) Ethernet; as well as ensuring that your wired Ethernet devices get maximum speed, Gigabit on PoE is is particularly useful on a network where your PoE devices are providing Gigabit devices to a secondary device, for example IP phone to desktop PC using their loop/passthrough support if it supports Gigabit Ethernet. Of course, regular, non-PoE devices can connect to the switch so will also still take advantage of the Gigabit speed so ideal for a mixed environment. The P1092 includes the rack mounting bracket/kit as standard.
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    Draytek PoE Vigorswitch P 1092

    The VigorSwitch P1092 is a PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch, providing power to any PoE-enabled device, most commonly IP phones, wireless access points or IP cameras over the Ethernet cable. As well as removing the need for local (at the desk) power supplies, making for tidier installations, PoE ensures power efficiency, providing only the power needed. Power is provided only when required. PoE also allows for installation of devices where there is no mains power (particularly useful for wireless access points). The P1092 supports both standard PoE (802.3af) and High-Power PoE (802.3at) devices.

    The DrayTek VigorSwitch P1092 can operate in standalone mode and be managed through its web interface or you need to manage and monitor the switch remotely, or have several DrayTek VigorSwitches to administer, you can centrally manage them with a DrayTek router which supports switch management. This allows a DrayTek router which is directly connected to the switch to manage it.

    The VigorSwitch P1092 has a power budget for PoE of up to 110 watts spread across RJ-45 ports 1 to 8, which allows for all ports to be used for PoE (dependent on each device's power requirements). For example, if you were using our PoE-powered VigorAP 910c wireless access points, they typically use up to 12 watts, so it is within the P1092's budget if you had 8 of them connected.

    VSP 1092 Key Highlights

    • 8-Port PoE/ PoE+ Ethernet switch
    • All Gigabit (1000Mb/s) Switch ports
    • All-ports full power PoE / 802.3af
    • Ports 1-4 also support extended PoE+ / 802.3at
    • 130 Watts total PoE power budget
    • Fanless (silent) operation
    • Rack mountable (brackets included)
  • Price Breaks

    • 1 = £198.24 inc VAT

    • 5+ = £197.03 inc VAT

    • 10+ = £195.82 inc VAT

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    Manufacturer Part Number: P1092

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