Choosing an Antenna: Webinar Announcement

Choosing an Antenna: Webinar Announcement

12 Apr 2022 | 2 min read

Quick Summary

Which antenna is best? That depends on your needs. Let us educate you on the few variables with the biggest impact so you can make an informed decision quickly.

We’re often asked for advice on which antenna is best.

The truth is that there are far too many variables to consider when choosing for anyone to make a more informed decision than you.

That being the case, the best way for us to help is to educate our customers as to which of these variables will have the biggest impact on your success.

For that reason, we’re proud to announce, in partnership with Poynting, our new webinar series: Choosing An Antenna.

In this new webinar, we’ll be walking you through how to choose the best antenna for you, accounting for your circumstances and use case.  We’ll be answering your questions live and introducing you to Poynting’s wide range of state-of-the-art antennas.


Webinar Aims

  • To give prospective antenna customers a foundational grasp of the key aspects to consider when choosing an antenna.
  • To educate on a requirements-first approach to choosing an antenna and to give an overview of product recommendations from the Poynting range.

If you’ve ever wondered whether you need a directional or omnidirectional antenna, just how important MIMO is and what the most important aspects of setup are, our webinar will give you the education you need to make an informed decision.


Webinar Contents

Part 1: Choosing an Antenna

  • First considerations: cost, frequency bands, gain.
  • Fixed or in motion?  Rural or urban?
  • The importance of line of sight.
  • The importance of mounting outside.


Part 2: Product Recommendations

  • A discussion of Poynting products including their XPOL, Omni, MIMO-x and Puck product lines.

When is the Webinar?

Need help choosing an antenna?  Not sure where to start?  Click here to register for our new webinar, co-presented with representatives from Poynting Antennas: Choosing an Antenna Masterclass: Beginner to Advanced.

We’ll be holding the webinar Thursday 28th April at 14:00 GMT.

Choosing an Antenna: Webinar Announcement