Why do I need a Bold Smart Lock?

Why do I need a Bold Smart Lock?

6 Sep 2022 | 2 min read

Quick Summary

Finding the right products to smarten up your property can be a struggle. Read on to find out why a smart lock is the perfect option.

Would you like complete control over who enters your property no matter where in the world you are? A smart lock is the perfect solution for you!

No more fishing around for your keys at home, or spending a load of money on expensive access systems at work when you can unlock your door with an app or a fob.

The entire concept of a smart lock, as with any smart product,  is to add convenience to your life: so why is choosing the right  solution usually so complicated and expensive?



Leave the hindrance of house keys behind and ‘smart’ up your door  without breaking the bank!

Never again will you have stay to in all day to accept a delivery, use the  Bold Connect to unlock your door remotely. Hands full? Set up the auto activate feature so the Bold Smart Lock knows that you're approaching  and unlocks the door as you arrive home.


No need to hassle with expensive intercoms and key card systems: invite  your staff and guests using the free app! The Bold range is suitable for both small and large businesses; it is completely scalable.

Management of your devices is simple with the Bold Business Portal, and  ideal when you have temporary personnel or restricted areas. Group users, allow or revoke access, and adapt permissions to suit working  hours whenever you need to! 



Whether you’re running an entire hotel, or renting out your holiday  home, you can allow visitors and guests to enter your property using the free Bold App. You can set up time-diaries and future date access, meaning  their access is automatically removed upon completion of their stay. 


Why Bold?

Installing your Bold Smart Lock is quick, easy and affordable: the  only tools you need are a screwdriver and the supplied Allen key.  There is no need to drill any holes or adjust your door, meaning  they’re available to anyone, even if you’re renting. 

Bold also boasts additional security for your family and home. The  locks are SKG*** certified, which is the heaviest possible burglary  resistance classification available. Bold’s servers are encrypted in  the same way as the latest online banking software, meaning it isn’t  vulnerable to any form of communication manipulation. 

Find your perfect Bold solution today

Why do I need a Bold Smart Lock?

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