NetXL Christmas Gift Guide 2022

NetXL Christmas Gift Guide 2022

15 Dec 2022 | 6 min read

Quick Summary

From Networking to Smart Home, we have a Christmas Guide that's tailored to the techy in your life! Read on to find your loved one the perfect gift this Christmas.

With Christmas right around the corner, and seemingly unlimited possibilities of what to give those around you, we have some great ideas for a Christmas surprise any tech fanatics will treasure for years to come. Let's start shopping, shall we?


Smart Home gifts to keep the party going

Smart Home

Bold Smart Locks

Are tired of having to let your loved ones in when they've lost their keys? Say goodbye to waiting outside in the cold this Christmas with Bold Smart Door Locks. These door locks are revolutionising home security; and today we are showing the Bold Smart Cylinder. This smart home lock is completely secure, bluetooth enabled, and 100% keyless.

These amazing smart home security products come in 8 different sizes to fit any Euro cylinder profile door.

Managing your home security is seamless with the free Bold app, which allows you to manage access to your property remotely, any time, anywhere.

Bold Smart Locks also come in three additional limited edition colours; black, copper and brass, so you can make your gift more personalised.


Bold Smart Lock


Lithe Audio Speakers

For the ones in your life who don’t stop dancing, Lithe Audio’s Award Winning Ceiling Speakers will provide you with a Dolby Atmos experience, and are compatible with smart home brands such as Amazon, Google and Apple to fit in perfectly with any existing set up you may have in place.

The Lithe Audio 6.5” Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker (03200) has a built in 50W amplifier with a 30m bluetooth range. Stream any audio you like via your Bluetooth devices and listen to them with incredible sound and clarity. Ideal for small to medium sized rooms, installation is simple with the options to connect via power, PoE or even the lighting circuit.

Want to customise your speaker? Sure! The grilles of Lithe speakers can be spray painted to match any aesthetic.

Lithe Audio also offer a Multi-room WiFi Ceiling Speaker (06600), with a built-in amplifier, Wi-Fi Receiver and exceptional quality speaker all in one. Compatiblities include Spotify, Deezer and Tidal, as well as being Airplay 2 and Google Chromecast certified. 

The free Lithe Audio App gives you full control, letting you rename, zone and adjust speakers. You can control up to 30 speakers independently or together in party play.

Lithe Ceiling Speaker


Gifts to organise your network as well as Santa's helpers

Poor Wi-Fi connections can definitely bring the Christmas spirit down. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered…



Next up on our gift guide for this year are routers from Draytek and Teltonika. Routers act as the traffic directors between your networks and the internet itself; they send and receive data. Here are our top picks!

Draytek V2865AC

Draytek V2865ac Router is a Wi-Fi 5 router ideal for super fast VDSL broadband and Ethernet-based Fibre broadband. With key features such as an integrated ADSL & VDSL modem and content filtering, the V2865AC is a router that makes management quick and easy for everybody this Christmas.

Draytek V2865ac

Draytek V2865AX

If you are looking to gift somebody a Wi-Fi 6 router with a little more power, the Draytek V2865ax could be the perfect option. This router offers more advanced features, such as failover connectivity, and the ability to make use of a mobile hotspot for backup connections.

Draytek V2865AX

Teltonika RUTX50

The Teltonika RUTX50 Industrial 5G router is a perfect choice for anyone requiring high speed 5G mobile communication for data-heavy applications.

This impressive, compact router has many features which will be sure to catch your attention: future proofing, ultra-high cellular speeds, ultra low latency, dual band data for high numbers of clients and auto failover.

The most attractive feature of the RUTX50 is its ability to be backwards compatible, another term for ’future proof’. With a wide range of interfaces and additional hardware features, this router is able to be adaptable for both the past and future: upgrades and expansions or older tech in your network setup.


Access Points

An access point is a stand-alone device that provides an additional location for devices to connect to (rather than the router alone), allowing more devices to be on your Wi-Fi network. With the average number of Wi-Fi devices per household constantly on the rise, this is the perfect gift to allow everybody at home to connect to the internet both simultaneously and seamlessly.

Here are some of our favourite Wi-Fi 6 Access Points:

UniFi Wi-Fi 6 Access Points

Ubiquiti's U6-Lite, U6-LR and U6-PRO are the perfect gift for those who have spent the year complaining about poor internet speeds. 

The U6-Lite is ideal for those who use a number of devices in their home, but are still hoping their Virgin Media provided router can handle the traffic. The U6-LR and U6-PRO are perfect for environments with higher number of clients, including offices or hospitality venues.

All Ubiquiti devices can be managed through the UniFi Network app, to allow for a streamlined set up and customisation.

UniFi U6-PRO

Aruba Instant On AP22

The Aruba Instant On AP22 Wi-Fi 6 Access Point is ideal for anybody who desires high quality, business grade Wi-Fi at an attractive price. With built-in mesh capabilities to expand the Wi-Fi coverage without any additional cables, this is easily scaleable and ideal for a small business. 

Your network can be managed through the Free Aruba Instant On App, meaning control over your customised network has never been simpler.

Aruba AP22

TP-Link EAP650

On our wish list this year is the TP-Link EAP650 Wi-Fi 6 Access Point. This access point offers impressive speeds and exceptional performance, whilst still boasting a compact design to blends seamlessly into any environment. With Centralised Cloud Management using the TP-Link Omada App, setting up and managing your network is stress-free and tailored to your needs.

We have an offer on this Access Point too! Until the end of this year, if you buy 2 EAP650 Access Points, you’ll get a free TP-Link OC200 Omada Cloud Controller, so fill your stockings!

TP-Link EAP650


And that’s a wrap! We hope our Christmas gift guide gave you some more gifting ideas for the tech lovers in your life. Have any additional questions or queries for us about any of the products on this list or any else that have taken your fancy? Contact us for a quote! 

NetXL Christmas Gift Guide 2022