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Easily extend WiFi networks with Powerline Adapters

Extend weak WiFi networks with a TP-Link Powerline Adapter. Find out how this simple solution can boost any home or office network.

Easily extend WiFi networks with Powerline Adapters

Powerline technology for your network needs

Powerline Adapters are a versatile solution for weak WiFi signals and extending wired broadband networks. They're easy to install and even easier to use. These adapters can help connect laptops, computers, 4K HD smart TVs, or games consoles directly to a router, just using your existing electrical mains sockets. No technical knowledge or installation needed, and there's no need to drag Ethernet cables from the room to room with this clever piece of hardware.

How do Powerline Adapters work?

The standard HomePlug AV, for example the TP-Link TL-PA4020PKIT V1.20 600 Passthrough Powerline Starter Kit, can easily turn an electrical circuit into a super-fast network connection. All you need to do is plug the adapters into separate power sockets to establish the network infrastructure.

  • - Plug the Adapter into the wall socket and connect to your router with an ethernet cable.

  • - Plug another Powerline Adapter into a wall socket, wherever you need to extend your network.

  • - Pair the two Powerline Adapters, then plug in your device into the adapter and you're ready to go.

Plug and pair powerline adapters

Powerline Adapters for uninterrupted coverage

TP-Link Powerline Adapters are also ideal when an uninterrupted network connection is needed. So for interruption sensitive applications such as YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix and X-Box Live they can be a great solution.

High speed connections for all devices

Powerline Adapters can deliver combined speeds of up to 2000 Mbps/2Gbps to smartphones, tablets and computers. Advanced 2X2 MIMO (Multi-input Multi-output) capabilities and beamforming technology also establish multiple simultaneous connections ensuring the highest speeds and network stability can be enjoyed on all web and streaming activity.

High speed connections with TP-Link

Seamless connections with wireless coverage boost

At a push of a button, Powerline Adapters can copy an SSID/wireless network name and router password, so seamless roaming can be experienced throughout a home or office. Adding new extenders is also simple enough, with Auto-Sync functions for automatic synchronisation. So changing the settings in one extender results in all other extenders in the network being updated.

The TP-Link TL-WPA4220KIT AV600 Wi-Fi Powerline Extender Starter Kit is an adapter that works as a solid solution for extending and boosting WiFi coverage. All of TP-Link's adapters are compatible with one another too, so it's easy to mix and match adapters according to your own or customers' needs.

With Powerline Passthrough models such as the TL-PA9020PKIT 2-Port Gigabit Passthrough Powerline Starter Kit you can also ensure that no plug socket is wasted. Passthrough Powerline Adapters operate like traditional power outlets and contain their own integrated plug socket.

Seamless integration with TP-Link

For devices which require a wired connection, Powerline Adapters also contain multiple Ethernet ports so you can connect multiple wired devices at once, without any hassle.

For a secure, fast way to extend and strenghten your network throughout the home or office, consider a TP-Link Powerline Adapter for your customers' needs.

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