How can TP-Link's OC200 Omada Cloud Controller make my life easier?

How can TP-Link's OC200 Omada Cloud Controller make my life easier?

10 Nov 2022 | 2 min read

Quick Summary

Searching for a smart networking management solution? Look no further. Read to find out how TP-Links OC200 can make your life easier.

The TP-Link OC200 Is a Hardware Controller that offers centralised management of your entire network to boost your business’ productivity and efficiency. Using the Omada Software Defined Networking platform means that every component of your setup is all controlled from one single interface.

The management of your network has never been easier; keep reading to discover how.

Firstly, what's Omada?

Omada is TP-Link’s smarter end-to-end cloud solution that is dedicated to making your business run smoother. Omada integrates your access points, gateways, switches and more which allows you to not only create an exceptionally scalable network (enabling growth and capacity whilst preventing traffic), but to manage it all from one place at any time, and from anywhere.

What can the OC200 do for me?

Let's have a look at some of the key features of the OC200 that make your life easier:

Hybrid Cloud Technology

The OC200 utilises hybrid cloud technology. Not only is this subscription free, it allows you take control of your network remotely with ultimate security and stability. 

Centralised Managament

Equipped with the latest chipset to provide fantastic data flow and prevent traffic, you can easily and remotely access your network at any time with no PC or Server required. Allowing up to 100 Omada Access Points, 20 Jetstream Switches and 10 Omada Routers, you can be sure the demands of your network will be met with efficiency and ease. The management of your entire system is centralised, simplified and revolutionised.

Effortless network handling via one single app

With the OC200, the maintenance of your entire network setup is all in one place. By downloading the free Omada app, you are able to have complete control and visibility over important features, including usage and traffic distribution, statistics and topology.

Everything that makes up your network is right in front of you, and can be altered to fit your needs from just the tap of your phone. The visualisation of your entire report allows for easy operation and troubleshooting to ensure your system runs smoothly. Your network maintenance is improved with no need to configure or manage your devices one by one.

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How can TP-Link's OC200 Omada Cloud Controller make my life easier?