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Which Headsets Are Compatible With My Phone?

There are a lot of different headsets available on the NetXL website, however, to be compatible with various VoIP devices you’ll need what is known as a “Bottom Cable” - this is a cable that will sit between the phone and the headset, and make them compatible. 


Below is a list of various models of VoIP handsets and the cables required to make them work along with different headsets: 


The Plantronics U10P-S Bottom cable is compatible with Yealinks, Grandstreams and Snoms, and allows them to connect to the following Plantronics Headsets:

If you wanted to use a wireless headset with a Yealink - you can use the EHS36 adapter from Yealink, along with the Plantronics CS520 Binaural Wireless Headset


Eartec also offers a bottom cable - The Eartec Office Pro QD002A Bottom Cable - which will allow any of the Grandstream, Yealink and Snom phones to be compatible with these headsets:


If you were looking for a Bluetooth headset rather than a wired one, we have a wide selection of Bluetooth Headsets compatible with any VoIP device which supports a Bluetooth connection. Just check the description to make sure the phone is Bluetooth compatible!