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My order arrived, but some of the units are missing?

NetXL utilises a few different warehouses up and down the country to ensure we have enough stock to supply all of our customers. 

In some cases, we don’t have all the stock in the same warehouse, and we have to ship the units from a secondary, different warehouse. This can result in some orders being received in 2 separate deliveries. 


Why was it delivered via 2 different couriers?


To ensure we have the latest cut off time possible, at some warehouses we may use a different courier. You may also find an invoice note in the order which contains all the items from the order, and not from the single delivery you’ve received. This is confirmation of the entire order, rather than a shipment note. 

Of course, if you ever have any problems with your order you can Contact Our Friendly Support team between 7am and 10pm Monday to Friday.