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  • Draytek VigorBX VBX2000N IP PBX & DSL Firewall

    The VigorBX 2000n is an IP PBX integrated with a VDSL firewall/router (features similar to DrayTek's Vigor 2862 ADSL/VDSL router). That means, when considering the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), the VigorBX2000 cost covers both router/firewall and IP PBX.
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    Draytek VigorBX VBX2000N

    The VigorBX 2000n offers a complete replacement to the traditional office phone system and analogue lines. An IP-PBX uses your existing network and the Internet to provide company-wide telephony, using VoIP technology instead of regular phone lines or a traditional PBX. This can save hugely on line rental, provides vast flexibility, reduces call costs, maintenance and increases efficiency. IP Phones can be placed anywhere in your office, or remotely around the world to provide one seamless phone network for your business. Wherever you have an Internet connection, you can have an extension on your PBX. All pure IP calls are free of charge; for calls to the conventional phone network (PSTN) you route via an ITSP 'Trunk' for low cost calls.

    If you require analogue extensions (regular non-IP telephones or equipment) then the Vigor BX2000 provides one port into which you can plug a phone, fax or PDQ machine. That analogue phone is then another extension on the PBX, able to receive, transfer, make calls and use voicemail through the PBX system. If your power/Internet fails, your analogue phone is connected directly through to one of your analogue lines. The VigorBX 2000 also has two analogue phone line inputs to connect to standard analogue land lines. Those lines can then be used to make and receive calls using the VoIP phones connected to the PBX. Rules can be created so that the analogue lines are used to make calls to specific destination or only ever used as a fallback in case of Internet/ITSP failure. Incoming calls to the analogue lines can be routed to extensions like your SIP/ITSP calls.

    The VigorBX 2000 also supports broadband failover to 3G/4G/LTE (using a compatible USB modem) listed here), or a second broadband connection in the event of your primary broadband connection failing. This keeps your phone communications online. Also by the use of a secondary Internet access method, you can set up Load Balancing whereby specific traffic types are routed down one particular connection. This is the optimum configuration for the very best quality, where your Voice traffic can be sent down one connection and your regular web traffic send down the other. The VigorBX 2000 has Quality of Service to prioritise voice traffic above data traffic, with the PBX system automatically prioritising VoIP calls above internet traffic. The Quality of Service configuration is fully configurable so that other high priority traffic can be prioritised above lower priority data such as file downloads.

    VBX2000N Key Highlights

    • 6 X Gigabit Ethernet (1000Mb/s) Ports
    • 2 x USB 2.0 Port for 3G / 4G / LTE or Printer, USB Storage or USB Thermometer
    • 50 simultaneous registered extensions - local or remote
    • Up to 20 simultaneous calls
    • 12 SIP Trunks with 50 SIP alias numbers
    • Load Balancing
    • Automatic VoIP QoS (Reserved bandwidth 88Kbps per call)
    • Up to 32 VPN Tunnels
    • 802.11n Compliant
    • Rack Mountable (Optional RM1 mounting bracket required)
    • Wall Mountable
  • This product is no longer being manufactured

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