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DrayTek Vigor 2860 Router

Superseded By DrayTek Vigor 2862 Router

DrayTek 2860 Router
    • Overview
    • Description & Features
  • DrayTek Vigor 2860 Triple-WAN Router VPN & 3G/4G LTE Support

    The DrayTek Vigor 2860 Triple-WAN VDSL/ADSL2+ Broadband Router support either ADSL 2/2+ or VDSL (BT Infinity/FTTC), making it ideal for users with ADSL now who might upgrade to VDSL later. Alternative WAN ports can instead provide connectivity to Ethernet feeds, secondary xDSL modems or a 3G cellular service using a USB adaptor. This DrayTek Vigor 2860 router includes support for professional features such as VLAN tagging, Gigabit Ethernet and is IPv6 ready.
  • DrayTek Vigor 2860 Router

    The DrayTek Vigor 2860 supports IPv6 - the successor to the current IPv4 addressing system that has been used since the Internet was first created. IPv4 address space is full up and IPv6 allows for much more efficient routing and a larger address space. The Content control features of the DrayTek Vigor 2860 allow you to set restrictions on web site access, blocking download of certain file or data types, blocking specific web sites with whitelists or blacklists, blocking IM/P2P applications or other potentially harmful or wasteful content.

    2860 Key Highlights

    • Operation on any one of the WAN ports (ADSL/VDSL, Ethernet or 3G).
    • Connectivity to direct native IPv6 ISPs.
    • Built-in tunnelling to 3rd party IPv6 brokers supporting TSPC or AICCU methods.
    • Default stateful firewall for all IPv6 LAN Clients/Devices.
    • DHCPv6 Client or Static IPv6 Client.
    • DHCPv6 and RADVD for client configuration.
    • IP Filtering Rules.
    • QoS for IPv6 with DiffServ.
    • Router Management over IPv6 (Telnet/HTTP) with IPv6 Access List.
    • Simultaneous (concurrent) operation with IPv4 ("Dual-Stack").

    What's in the box?

    • Vigor Router
    • Quick Start Guide
    • CD-ROM (Includes User's Guide and Utilities)
    • Power Adaptor
    • Ethernet Cable
    • 2 Detachable Antennas (n Model)
    • 3 Detachable Antennas (n-plus Model)
  • This product is no longer being manufactured

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    DrayTek Vigor 2862 Router

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