Introducing the DrayTek Vigor 2866 Series | Now in Stock

Introducing the DrayTek Vigor 2866 Series | Now in Stock

20 Aug 2021 | 2 min read

Quick Summary

NetXL is now stocking new DrayTek 2866 series routers.


Vigor 2866

  • Integrated G.Fast, VDSL/ADSL+ modem
  • Dual-WAN
  • Firewall
  • Content filtering
  • Bandwidth management

Vigor 2866ac

  • All of the above plus AC1300 wireless

Vigor 2866Lac

  • All of the above plus an integrated 4G/LTE modem

The initial launch of Draytek’s 2866 routers features the vanilla 2866, with dual-WAN, firewall and an integrated G.Fast and VDSL modem. The ac model also features AC1300 wireless, while the Lac model features all of the above with an added 4G/LTE modem for load-balancing and failover connections using mobile data.

For a deeper look at the specifications, view the official Vigor 2866 Series datasheet.


DrayTek’s 2866 series models house an integrated G.Fast, VDSL/ADSL+ modem. G.Fast is a technology rolled out over the last couple of years in the UK by Openreach to boost broadband speeds through copper wiring to 330Mbps.

If G.Fast has been rolled out in your area, your traditionally limited FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) network will be able to provide faster speeds of up to 330Mbps, even without FTTP (fibre to the premises) infrastructure.

Even without G.Fast, the business-class 2866 Series models work with traditional, non-G.Fast FTTC infrastructure and FTTP infrastructure too. This makes the 2866 Series the perfect router for any business looking to transition to G.Fast or full FTTP when it’s implemented in their area.

Business-Class Features & Multi-Failover Strategy

The Vigor 2866 Series features all of the business-class functions that made the 2865 Series so popular: VPN, firewall, content filtering and bandwidth management. These multi-WAN, Gigabit routers are perfect for any modern business for which internet connectivity is critical - use the multiple wired WAN connections and/or, with the V2866Lac model, the 4G/LTE modem for the perfect failover or load-balancing strategy.

Purchase your Draytek Vigor 2866 or Vigor 2866Lac router today.

Introducing the DrayTek Vigor 2866 Series | Now in Stock