NetXL’s API for Tech and Network Hardware Distribution

NetXL’s API for Tech and Network Hardware Distribution

14 May 2021 | 5 min read

Quick Summary

Our API allows our largest customers to place orders, query stock levels and more in an automated, efficient and streamlined manner.

What Is the NetXL API?

NetXL has its own API. API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API is a tool that allows two applications to interact. Users with programming experience can integrate our API with their own platform to keep stock levels afloat in line with current trends in customer demand. For large trade customers with retail stores nationwide, our API makes doing business with us an elegant, purposeful process.

two men in office cooperating writing code

Our API is complete - now our largest customers can balance stock to meet customer demand effortlessly.

Screwfix, Toolstation, Wickes and all similarly sized retailers can now use our API to:

  • Query stock levels
  • Place orders and generate/request quotes
  • Peruse account details including saved addresses, credit details and other account details
  • View product details
  • Search the product catalogue
  • Filter products by attribute, via the following methods:
  • --> (i) Using true/false (boolean) operators for string attributes
  • --> (ii) Using comparison operators < <= = => > for number attributes

Who Is It For?

Our API is intended for our largest customers, who want to streamline their ordering process as much as possible in an effort to optimise buying and stocking processes. Any retailer looking for supply to meet demand in a manner that can be automated and streamlined will benefit from our API. That means customers like Toolstation, Screwfix and other large retailers looking to generate orders in bulk, query stock levels, or otherwise manage business stock with great efficiency. Individuals and smaller Trade Account customers won’t need to use the API, as ordering can be done efficiently enough on an ad hoc basis.

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With the NetXL API you can fill the gaps in your stock just as soon as they appear.

Do You Charge For API Access?

Our API is available to customers free of charge, though you will need a Trade Credit Account with us in order to generate an API key, which is necessary to use the API. Anyone can apply for a Trade Account, but the final say on whether the application is accepted or rejected, as well as the terms you’re granted if you are accepted, lies with our Accounts Team.

Why It’s Exciting

NetXL has long offered credit terms and/or special pricing to its largest, most trusted customers. Our API marks one more step in the journey towards being a true one-stop-shop for installers, retailers and DIY enthusiasts.

Our API gives retailers a faster, more efficient supply channel with us. With recent additions to our stock line including Grundig IP CCTV cameras and Lithe Audio ceiling speakers, you don’t have to be a network engineer or installer for NetXL to be your supplier of choice for the hardware you need. Whether your stores serve Trade customers, DIY enthusiasts or both, you will find it easy to find stock for products, cabling and associated accessories, all at great prices.

Further, our API sets us apart from other distributors of network hardware and smart home tech, opening the doors to the best-known names in the industry. Names that need an open line of communication with their distributors to meet fluctuating customer demand quickly and dynamically.

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Newest additions to our stock lines have made us distributor of choice for more than just network hardware.

How Does It Work?

To use our API, you’ll need the API key linked to your NetXL account, which can be found in the Trade & API Preferences section of your account.

Like any API, you’ll make use of various GET, PUT and POST requests to perform actions like searching our product catalogue, querying stock levels and placing orders.

Those with programming experience can build an integration in a language like Python. Those without can use a graphical tool like Postman to do integrate our API with their platform.

How Do I Get Access?

You will not get an API Key unless you have credit terms with us. Since credit card and direct debit are not currently supported as payment methods for orders placed through our API, credit terms must be active on your account before you can use it. Using credit for your purchases reflects the dynamic nature of conducting business on larger scales and it is customers operating at this level for whom the API was developed, so the two go hand-in-hand.

If you have a Trade Account with us but do not see an API Key entry in the Trade & API Preferences section of your account, then you do not have the right kind of Trade Account. You can get in touch with us to request credit terms, but these are granted or denied at the discretion of our Accounts Team. NetXL reserves the right to deny credit terms to customers.

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Those with programming experience can automate API queries with a language like Java.

Do I Need Programming Experience to Use The API?

Though most customers for whom the API will be useful are likely to have enough resources at their disposal to be able to pull on someone who has programming experience in the business, you don’t strictly need any programming experience to make use of our API.

If you’re happy querying the API on an ad-hoc basis, rather than automating that process for maximum efficiency, you can use a graphical tool, something like Postman, Paw or even your web browser, to integrate with our API. If you choose to use one of the aforementioned tools, you will need to learn the tools themselves, though learning a tool like Postman will be a much faster process than learning an entire language like Python or Java.

For automated API queries, you’ll need to build an integration with a language like Python or Java, which will obviously require experience. See the NetXL API documentation for full details and code examples on how to access the API and how to use its various functions.

NetXL’s API for Tech and Network Hardware Distribution