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Smart Network Testing and Cable Tracing

Testing and tracing LAN cables is effortless with Patch App & Go's network testing solution. The mobile app combines with specially configured smart plugs to save time and make continuity testing a simple one-person job. With the ability to save results and create test reports, this is an essential tool for any data installer or IT manager.

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Patch App & Go's goal was to design a simple testing device that was straightforward to use and didn't require a degree to set up. With their one-person cable tracer and network continuity tester, it's now possible to easily trace Cat cables, unshielded/shielded network cables and patch panels. Test up to 24 ports in quick succession and identify wiremap errors such as split pairs in no time at all.

Download the free app to your Android or iOS device and enjoy the ease of testing and tracing LAN cables with live visuals and test summaries at your hands.