Compact yet robust 3G/4G mobile routers ideal for industry

We are a UK Teltonika distributor offering a range of their M2M (Machine to Machine) solutions. Teltonika specialise in producing industrial 3G/4G mobile routers throughout 126 countries worldwide. With their compact yet robust design, Teltonika 3G/4G routers provide the ideal mobile networking option. Teltonika will suit any indoor/outdoor scenarios that have poor download/upload speed or may not have access to a DSL connection at all.

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Teltonika have been creating the internet of things (IoT) for over 20 years now and want their products and solutions to be used globally and to become indispensible in any business. They only completed two contract projects in mobile data transfer and design of electronic system in 2001. Then in 2002 designed their first from original products and initiated the manufacturing process. Within their first year of manufacturing Teltonika partnered with Nokia. They started integrating Nokies N12 module for M2M solutions. This was the beginning of designing wireless technologies for Teltonika. Through 2004 - 2008 Teltonika became Europes leading manufacturers of M2M EDGE-powered solutions to expanding their base to 126 countries. They then went on to partner with Fujitsu and increased their monthly manufacturing numbers to 600,000 units. In 2015 Telonika launched their 3G/4G mobile M2M routers which is intended for industrial use. Teltonika are fully ISO9001 certified.