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Cisco SPA 112 Analogue Adaptor

Cisco SPA112 IP Phone Box Contents
Cisco SPA112 IP Phone
Cisco SPA112 IP Phone Side
Cisco SPA112 IP Phone Side
Cisco SPA112 IP Phone Side

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26 - 29 Nov

Cisco SPA 112 2-Port Telephone Adapter

The Cisco SPA 112 is a Telephone Adapter for converting between analogue line and IP designed to allow you to use your analogue telephone for computer-based VoIP calls, without losing call quality, or any of your telephone or fax machine's features. It removes the need to upgrade your analogue your existing analogue phone in order to benefit from VoIP calls. This product comes with full manufacturers warranty for 2 years.

Cisco SPA 112 Analogue Adaptor is no longer being manufactured

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Cisco SPA 112 Analogue Adaptor

The SPA112 is easy to install, simply connecting to an IP network through your router, and also to your analogue fax machine or telephone. The Cisco SPA112 offers two ports, allowing you to connect two analogue devices with two separate lines for use with your IP network.

SPA112 Key Highlights

  • Cisco SPA112 2-port phone adapter
  • Offers two ports for connecting two analogue lines
  • Allows you to use VoIP communications with existing analogue devices
  • Compatible with all industry standards and completely portable
  • Dimensions: 101 x 101 x 28mm

Cisco SPA112 Video