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Wireless WiFi Speakers

Search our wide range of WiFi speakers

We supply the latest industry leading WiFi speakers for your perfect audio speaker solution. View our range of discreet, wireless ceiling speakers, suitable for all spaces to deliver high quality sound. We offer master speakers, passive multi-room speakers, IP44 ceiling speakers and special ceiling speaker bundles to give you superb audio coverage. These speakers are a hassle free, easy to install option for your audio needs.

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Wireless WiFi Speakers Hardware
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  • 01561 Image

    Lithe Wi-Fi Speaker 01561

    • 1 = £319.99

    inc VAT

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  • Lithe Wi-Fi Speakers 01560 Image

    Lithe Wi-Fi Speakers 01560

  • Lithe Wi-Fi IP44 Speaker 01670 Main Image

    Lithe Wi-Fi IP44 Speaker 01670

    • 1 = £339.49

    inc VAT

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