Manage On-Site Security In The Cloud with IP CCTV & IP Access Control

Manage On-Site Security In The Cloud with IP CCTV & IP Access Control

21 Feb 2021 | 5 min read

Quick Summary

The combination of IP CCTV cameras and IP Intercom devices makes for an effective, comprehensive security solution that can be managed efficiently in the cloud.

Networking Hardware For Greater Security

If you’re a network installer who often works for clients with high security requirements, the combination of IP CCTV and IP Access Control products is well worth a look. Your clients (or yourselves, if you have an ongoing support and maintenance contract with the client) will be able to manage on-site security devices in the cloud from anywhere, enabling centralised, efficient management. Not only does this make the security system more scalable, but it reduces the total cost of ownership by reducing the minimum required size of any team managing the devices.

What’s more, IP devices come with a slew of advanced features not readily available with less modern alternatives, including:

  • Alerts and push-notifications to email addresses and personal devices in the event of security breaches;
  • Alerts in the event of a disconnected device, for example by an intruder manually disconnecting an alarm to gain access;
  • Logging of failed access attempts outside of working hours.

Modern features like these increase the overall effectiveness of the security system as a whole, helping security teams to respond promptly. This is another way in which IP CCTV cameras and IP access control units make an excellent investment for any business or residential building that a needs modern, easy-to-manage and effective security system.


The Ubiquiti UniFi UVC-G4-PRO IP CCTV Camera can be managed in the cloud via UniFi controller software.

IP CCTV Cameras: Ubiquiti UniFi Protect

Ubiquiti’s UniFi Protect line of IP CCTV cameras brings a powerful business and home security solution to an already popular line of network products. Dome and bullet IP CCTV cameras are both available, with bulk package options available for those who would prefer to purchase in multiples of three. All UniFi products are manageable via a UniFi network controller, which makes auto-provisioning of devices simple and easy for network admins whilst offering just the right amount of control.

With Ubiquiti’s Cloud Key Gen 2+, you’ll have a UniFi controller running on a dedicated device on the network with the UniFi Protect system built-in too. Since this version of the Cloud Key has a 1TB hard drive on board, you’ll also be able to store recorded footage, saving admins from having to build and operate their own NVR.

Alternatively, dedicated NVR units like the Unifi Network Video Recorder can be used if you’d prefer a configuration that separates NVR and Controller capabilities.

IP Intercoms and Access Control: 2N Access Commander

When it comes to access control and door entry systems, there are few better options than 2N Helios’ IP intercoms. Their IP Verso flagship intercom product is modular in design, meaning you or your client can simply mix and match modules for the perfect intercom/access control solution. Touch keypads can be combined with RFID card readers; fingerprint scanning modules can be combined with camera-housing call button units; multiple access control modules can be combined into a single security strategy that requires would-be entrants to verify themselves multiple times before access is granted. With so many intuitive options, the IP Verso makes for wonderfully easy and flexible access control/intercom solution for you or your clients.

2N’s IP Force is perfect for any application where high security is paramount, with harsh weather or vandalism being real risks. With an IP69K rating for weatherproofing and IK10 rating for impact protection, few devices on the market are hardier or more reliable than this one, making the IP Force perfect for applications where the intercom must be mounted out in the open. Available with all of 2N’s available RFID access control options, this unit can easily be integrated with existing security systems that already make use of RFID cards.


2N's IP Verso is modular in design and can be combined with a slew of access control modules including fingerprint readers.

Whether you need network security solutions for airfields, seaports or other industrial sites, or for the high-security headquarters of government and big business, 2N have an access control solution that’s right for the job.

Both of the aforementioned IP intercoms have support for an external, third-party camera, meaning you’ll be able to hook up one of your UniFi Protect IP cameras for users to view at will through one of 2N’s indoor answering units.

2N’s Access Commander is the cloud management software you or your clients will use to manage all of your 2N IP intercoms. Making centralised management of multiple sites easy and efficient, as well as massively streamlining the process for managing and updating your devices, 2N Access Commander can be used alongside the UniFi controller or UNMS system to form a single-pane-of-glass solution for managing all security devices for multiple sites.


Combined, 2N Access Commander and the UniFi controller network management software make for easy deployment of effective, scalable security systems for you or your clients. Combined, UniFi Protect CCTV cameras and 2N IP intercoms/access control units deliver flexible, powerful security solutions that enterprises can trust.

All products mentioned in this article are available for purchase at great prices from NetXL. UniFi Controller network management software is free for download from the Ubiquiti website, whilst 2N Access Commander requires licensing to run and must be downloaded from the 2N website. Both device management platforms must be hosted on a dedicated device or virtualisation platform like Virtualbox.

NetXL offers discount pricing on all bulk orders and next day shipping on all orders placed until 7pm, so you never have to rush to get those last-minute orders seen to.

Manage On-Site Security In The Cloud with IP CCTV & IP Access Control