Network Installers: Boost Profits Upselling Wireless Ceiling Speakers

Network Installers: Boost Profits Upselling Wireless Ceiling Speakers

18 Mar 2021 | 4 min read

Quick Summary

Adding multi-room audio installation to your list of provided services as a Managed IT Services company could boost your bottom line cheaply and simply. Here's how.

There are two ways to increase profits:

  1. Increase earnings
  2. Reduce costs

By expanding your network installation services to include new products, you’ll be able to take on new work and upsell clients with your expanded set of services.

NetXL has just the product for you to add to your repertoire, one with a wide range of suitable business applications and, therefore, great potential demand. What’s more, your staff will need little, if any, training before they’ll be prepped for installing them.

Lithe Audio WiFi and Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

Easy to Install and Retrofit

Lithe Audio’s ceiling speakers are almost as easy to install as a wireless access point.  The only potential stumbling block will be powering the unit if there's no mains outlet nearby; you'll have to power the speaker directly from the lighting circuit by wiring it into a fused spur: you’ll need someone on staff with the know-how to do this safely.  With a mains outlet available, though, above a drop ceiling, for example, you won’t even need this much experience.

Since the amplifier is built into the unit itself, Lithe Audio ceiling speakers put out superb sound quality without requiring that you find a good location for an external amplifier and then carefully route the wiring from the amplifier to every ceiling speaker unit.  This makes retrofitting the units as simple as cutting a suitable hole for the unit in the ceiling, wiring it up and slotting it in.

What's more, since the built-in amplifiers are quite powerful, passive ‘slave’ units are available without an amplifier that can be powered from the active speaker, allowing for greater economy of scale by pairing a cheaper passive unit with every active ‘master’ speaker in the deployment.


Wide Range of Suitable Business Applications for Lithe Audio Ceiling Speakers

For network installers wondering which of their existing or future clients could make use of wireless ceiling speakers, here is a brief list of those businesses most likely to benefit.

  • Restaurants
  • Gyms
  • Leisure centres
  • Indoor swimming pools
  • Spas
  • Hotels
  • Education
  • Coffee shops
  • Barbers and hair salons
  • Airport lounges


Managed IT Services consultants and installers can boost their profits by offering related services their competitors don't.

Bluetooth and WiFi Ceiling Speaker Models Available

For some applications, Bluetooth ceiling speakers will be preferable to WiFi units. In hotels, for example, where connecting to the WiFi is always a bit of a hassle, locked behind an intranet portal requiring credentials that guests may or may not have to hand, Bluetooth speakers will be much more convenient. Likewise, any other application where the end-customer should be in control of audio playback will benefit from the universality of Bluetooth connectivity.

For most other kinds of application, however, WiFi ceiling speakers are likely a better option. Where businesses want more control over their multi-room speaker system, WiFi ceiling speakers will provide such control through use of proprietary apps. With these, or through native capabilities like iOS’s Airplay 2 (with which Lithe Audio WiFi speakers are compatible), businesses can set-and-forget their speaker system’s configuration, leaving them to get on with the night’s dinner service or with the day’s meetings with little, if any, further input required.

IP44 Rated Speakers Available

Network installers can increase profits by expanding their installation services to include Bluetooth and WiFi ceiling speakers. IP44 rated units make full-scale installation possible for all kinds of businesses. Spas, restaurant kitchens, bathrooms and indoor swimming pools can all have WiFi ceiling speakers fitted for club management to sync audio playback through or to zone off for independent playback. Health and leisure centres can have WiFi ceiling speakers in the gym, pool, changing rooms and bowling alleys, as well as anywhere else they might require it.


Lithe Audio speakers support zoning for independent playback. Different speaker ‘zones’ can be controlled independently too, so a business can have romantic music in the restaurant, high energy tracks (or the zen calm of binaural beats) for the chefs in the busy kitchen, and soft ambience in the bar area.


For network installers already fitting wireless access points, routers, network switches and more, Lithe Audio wireless ceiling speakers will be the cherry on top of your already stellar service.  By providing entertainment for staff and customers alike, at minimal additional cost with very little training required, there's nothing to lose by ordering a batch of Lithe Audio speakers today.

Lithe Audio products can be purchased directly from NetXL, with bulk discounts for large orders and special terms and pricing for customers active in the industry who have a trade account with us. If you think you’d be eligible for a trade account, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your options.

Network Installers: Boost Profits Upselling Wireless Ceiling Speakers