Wireless Ceiling Speakers for Smart Homes

Wireless Ceiling Speakers for Smart Homes

1 Dec 2020 | 3 min read

Quick Summary

Smart home tech makes it easier to enjoy life's comforts. Combine with Lithe Audio's wireless ceiling speakers for an immersive home audio experience.

Smart home technology exists to simplify your life at home. From drawing the blinds automatically, to setting a different lighting scene with your smart bulb configuration, smart home tech makes it easier than ever to transition from comfort to comfort. When it comes to enjoying your favourite music, smart technology can make the process as simple as telling your favourite smart assistant what to play.

For many, the smart tech infrastructure is already in place. A single Amazon Alexa or Google Nest device is all you need to perform all of the aforementioned tasks and more with just your voice. For many, what’s missing is a truly home-wide sound experience. Throwing a new year’s eve party turns from an intimate gathering of friends to a full-blown night-to-never-forget by moving from your solitary smart speaker to a multi-room ceiling speaker setup.

This is where Lithe Audio comes in. With Bluetooth and WiFi models available as connectivity options, IP44 rated models for bathrooms and indoor swimming pools and great pricing on speaker bundles when bought from NetXL, these speakers are the solution party-throwers and -goers have been waiting for.


Smart home tech makes the simple things easier

Amazon Alexa

Hook up your Lithe Audio ceiling speakers to your home WiFi and enjoy instant usability via your Amazon Alexa or Google Nest smart devices. Even with just your phone’s Google Assistant app, you’ll be able to ask the air what to play and your wish is these speakers’ command.


Play directly with Spotify. If you have a high-end smart device with a screen (even your smart TV will do), you’ll be able to control your Spotify account from this device and have it play back over your Lithe Audio WiFi ceiling speakers.

With the Lithe Audio app or Apple Airplay 2, it’s easy to create playback ‘zones’ for your speakers. Have a pair in every room of the house, but leave out the speakers in the kids’ rooms to accommodate your different tastes. When your 40th or 50th rolls round, though, go ahead and play back over every speaker in the house, allowing your guests to roam freely without ever losing the party atmosphere. You could even use your Lithe Audio in-ceiling speakers as an implicit communication of which rooms are off-limits!


Lithe Audio's Bluetooth Wireless Ceiling Speaker

Control4 Smart Home OS

Now, with incredibly powerful smart home operating systems like Control4 Smart Home OS, your Lithe Audio ceiling speakers can add an immersive music experience to the list of things your smart home can provide you with. Create a romantic mood-scene where Spotify softly plays back your favourite songs while your smart bulbs soften the lights to a warm, rosy glow. Create a pre-club party scene where the blinds come down, the lights turn various shades of loud and all your favourite club anthems help you get the night started right. Until the robot waiter can mix and bring you your drinks for you, Control4 and Lithe Audio’s wireless ceiling speakers make for the perfect smart home experience.

Lithe Audio Wireless Ceiling Speakers

If you’re looking for in-ceiling wireless speakers that are easy to install, of great build quality and will only sound better with age and repeated use, look no further than Lithe Audio and NetXL. These relative newcomers to the ceiling speaker market have been making waves ever since their first models hit the shelves. With great pricing, exciting technology and an installation model that turns the home-renovation requirements of other brands into a simple DIY job, Lithe Audio can elevate your home audio experience easily, cheaply and effectively.

Shop Lithe Audio ceiling speakers today.

Wireless Ceiling Speakers for Smart Homes