Zuma Speakers are Revolutionising Home Audio Projects for Installers

Zuma Speakers are Revolutionising Home Audio Projects for Installers

10 Apr 2024 | 6 min read

Quick Summary

Are Zuma speakers breaking the mould in home audio installation?

Audio technology for home installations is a fast-moving world, and innovation has continually pushed the boundaries for homeowners of what’s possible in home audio installations. While this is great for the end user, the ever-growing range of audio equipment with different wiring, power requirements, bulky fittings, different interfaces and expensive parts can prove frustrating for installers. 

One groundbreaking innovation that's disrupting traditional speaker installations is Zuma: an integrated downlight and wireless ceiling speaker, all housed within a single, stylish ceiling light fixture.

Previously, installing speakers and lighting would have you battling through a clutter of cables, and navigating separate systems that take twice the time to install and promise a fraction of the margin; Zuma promises a high quality audio and lighting experience for your customer, ensuring an effortless installation and more margin for the installer.

Quick, Effortless Installation

Traditional installations often pose challenges in accommodating multiple fixtures, the necessary wiring and all of the additional accessories.

Requiring no bespoke wiring, complex training or specialist set up, Zuma’s installation process couldn’t be easier! Combining a speaker and downlight into a single, sleek chassis, Zuma speakers are installed in exactly the same way as a standard downlight, whilst still offering a complete sound and lighting system. Simply widen your existing cut-out to a 95mm diameter, insert the Zuma speaker and pull the pins to activate Zuma’s patented Blade  System™, securely fixing the device to the ceiling with minimal risk of damage to the plaster. 

Affordable Solution with Maximum Value 

Through their streamlined design and by eliminating the need for any additional accessories, Zuma offers a high margin yet cost-effective solution, without compromising on quality.

Zuma prioritises longevity and reliability in its products, reducing the need for frequent replacements or repairs. Unlike a standard downlight, Zuma’s LED bulbs and speakers last up to 15 years at full capacity (100% brightness or volume for 8 hours a day) and are significantly more energy efficient - not only by utilising low-energy LEDs, but also reducing the number of audio devices and associated electronics a home needs, contributing to lower operational costs after installation. Great news for saving money on energy bills and going green!

Extraordinary Performance

Zuma elevates the standard of audio-visual excellence by integrating precision-engineered audio components and an adaptive, natural LED light  to deliver the most immersive experience for your customers. 

Crafted by Morten Warren (CEO of Native Design - the brains behind some of Bang & Olufsen’s designs and one of the world’s leading industrial engineers) and his expert team, the Lumisonic Speakers feature a next-generation monolithic Class D amplifier controlled by a best-in-class central processor. Every aspect of the device  has been precisely curated to offer the clearest and most balanced sonic profile, from a bespoke two-way speaker system to intelligent DSP (Digital Signal Processing) algorithms, maximising audio detail and clarity. Zuma ensures the best-in-class syncing between each wireless speaker, using custom-built wireless connectivity technology to deliver complete immersion with the lowest possible latency.

The LEDs offer fully dimmable, adaptive lighting, with a full array of light intensity and colour options for completely personalised illumination. Intelligent features include Circadian Rhythm Mood Lighting Technology to track the sun throughout the day, and accommodate to perfectly complement natural light and aid sleep, making Zuma the perfect solution for home working environments, as well as as a sophisticated design choice for luxury spas, retail and hospitality venues. The Zuma app also includes a ‘Wellbeing’ tab to uniquely curate audio and lighting combinations to set the perfect mood, and offers multi-room streaming with best-in-class audio synchronisation.

All of Zuma’s precision-engineered components can offer your customers completely customisable and human-centric sound and lighting, easily managed through the free Zuma app, or one of many compatible integrations.

Complete Versatility

Zuma isn’t just easy to install; they’re also effortlessly scalable from a single room to an entire building! 

Syncing new Lumisonics or Luminaires to a pre-existing Zuma ecosystem can be achieved with the touch of a button on the mobile app, meaning your clients don’t need to commit their entire house right away; starting with a single-room installation is the perfect way to demonstrate the exceptional quality of lighting and sound that a Lumi-ceiling offers, and once your customers are sold, expanding to cover the entire building is both effortless and affordable. 

As well as being easily scalable indoors, a Zuma solution is also perfectly suited to outdoor installations courtesy of their weatherproof IP65 rating. This rating guarantees solid protection against dust and water, making a Zuma array robust enough to be installed in a huge range of moisture-heavy or outdoor environments like bathrooms, garden houses or commercial outdoor seating areas.

Seamless Management

An entire Zuma ecosystem can be easily managed through the free and intuitive mobile app. 

Zuma seamlessly integrates with a variety of third-party smart home services and can be effortlessly paired with an existing smart-home setup. For instance, a Zuma Lumi-Ceiling can be easily paired with Apple TVs and Firesticks, delivering instant surround sound for movie nights, as well as support for third-party lighting drivers such as Control4 and Lutron. Zuma’s speakers are also compatible with a huge variety of integrations like Apple Airplay and Bluetooth, delivering complete sonic control to your customers in moments. 

Alternatively, your customers don’t have to use the app at all - Zuma downlights and speakers are also natively compatible with Amazon Alexa, meaning they can be controlled fully through voice commands. 

In a significant leap for lighting and sound innovation, Zuma has also created the Smart Bezel Voice with built-in Alexa integration. With complete water resistance, the Smart Bezel Voice is  the only Alexa in the world that can be installed in the bathroom! 

Full Project Design Support

With custom project designs for perfect audio quality in any space, to full in-person demonstrations for larger opportunities, Zuma ensures you receive the guidance you need every step of the way. Zuma is on-hand to support you through your installation journey, from initial project specifications all the way through to after-sales support:  with a knowledgeable  technical team on hand to guide you through the setup process, you can ensure you’re supported throughout  the installation.

Zuma also offers an extended warranty to customers who register on their website! While a standard warranty lasts for two years, registering on the site extends the warranty period significantly to five years at no extra cost, offering total peace of mind that your clients have chosen a reliable, high-performance, long-lasting solution.


Combining a quick, painless installation with best-in-class performance and a user-friendly control system, there’s no doubt that Zuma is redefining the landscape for audio and lighting automation for installers. 

With thousands of installers adopting Zuma alongside their existing home automation, networking and security projects, it’s evident that they’re a disruptive force in the audio visual market, and a leading choice for high performance and innovation.

Ready to simplify your installation process and boost your bottom line in one fell swoop? Discover Zuma today!

Zuma Speakers are Revolutionising Home Audio Projects for Installers