Is Your Network Robust Enough: The Draytek Vigor2865 Series Business Router

Is Your Network Robust Enough: The Draytek Vigor2865 Series Business Router

9 Mar 2021 | 3 min read

Quick Summary

Draytek's Vigor2865 Series Business Multi-WAN Router is perfect for SMBs looking to create a resilient business network with Failover.


With businesses returning to work imminently, networks are about to be put under a lot more strain than they’ve had to endure for the last twelve months. Make sure your network is up to the task with the most robust network hardware from Draytek.

Draytek’s Vigor2865 router series is the perfect router for SMBs looking for a resilient network that offers VPNs, advanced configuration, firewall and content filtering and more. Most relevant to businesses soon to be welcoming staff back into the office are the load balancing and resilience features, as well as functions offering up bandwidth control to network administrators.

VPN Router for Businesses with Remote Workers and Multiple Sites

Whether your business has been struggling with the recent flip-flopping between remote and in-office working, or you’ve managed to thrive during the uncertainty and are now looking to expand, the Vigor2865 business router offers up to 32 configurable VPN tunnels operating concurrently to connect remote sites. No matter how many business locations you have around the country, you’ll be able to connect them all to share resources easily and securely.


Draytek's Vigor2865Lac business router ships with a built-in LTE modem for Failover to the cellular network.

Load Balancing and Resilience

To handle the greater load on network devices when employees return to work, you’ll need network hardware with load balancing and resilience features just like those offered by the Vigor2865.

Draytek’s L-coded Vigor2865L and Vigor2865Lac models both offer access to the 4G LTE WAN by way of a built-in LTE-A 4G+ modem. The models also ship with dual cellular antennas for connection to the cellular network.

By taking advantage of both WAN1 and WAN2 wired options, as well as the Vigor2865L’s built-in cellular functionality and USB support for an external 3G/4G modem, it’s possible to have four WAN connections running simultaneously, making for extremely robust load balancing and Failover options. What’s more, the LTE Vigor2865 models are dual-SIM, protecting against the single point of failure inherent in single-SIM LTE routers. Combined, these make the Vigor2865 series the perfect business router for those looking for an incredibly robust, resilient network.

Quality of Service and Bandwidth Control

With the Draytek Vigor2865, you’ll be able to put in place sophisticated routing rules with Mobile Device Management (MDM), creating separation between how traffic is handled for mobile and desktop devices. Bar particular mobile operating systems from connecting to particular VLANs, either with your own security in mind or to preserve bandwidth on those VLANs for particular devices or groups. For example, give priority to video data for your teams’ video calls and meetings from desktop devices, but don’t let lunchtime entertainment streamed on iOS or Android mobile devices detract from the productivity of those still hard at work.

The Vigor2865’s bandwidth control features allow admins to limit bandwidth by groups of clients, by subnet or even by each client individually, leaving available the bandwidth you need for important applications. If your media and marketing teams frequently use a lot of your available bandwidth, leaving your development team and others integral to effective business operations with little leftover, you can fairly limit the bandwidth available to those teams that use a disproportionate amount.


With staff returning to work imminently and en masse, it’s important to many businesses that staff can hit the ground running without technical hiccups along the way. With a resilient, hardy network you can trust, achieving this end will be much simpler. For that, you’ll need quality network hardware including an excellent business router like Draytek’s Vigor 2865 series and quality wireless access points like the Draytek VigorAP960C.

Both of these products, as well as many other network hardware products from the likes of Draytek, Ubiquiti and TP-Link, can be purchased directly from NetXL for great prices. So don’t hesitate, act now to get your hands on the greatest business network hardware in time for the end of national lockdown.

Is Your Network Robust Enough: The Draytek Vigor2865 Series Business Router