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Draytek’s Newest Managed Mesh Wireless Access Point: The VigorAP960C

Draytek’s Newest Managed Mesh Wireless Access Point: The VigorAP960C

11 Mar 2021 | 4 min read

Quick Summary

Prepare for the return of your staff by strengthening your business network with Draytek's VigorAP960C mesh WAPs.


With the imminent return to in-office work by staff all across the UK, even a highly capable business router like Draytek’s V2865 series won’t be enough on its own to handle the increased load on your network devices. For that, you’ll want to make sure that no point in your business network constitutes a weak link. This way, you ensure that your network is facilitating maximum productivity from all staff.

With a multi-WAN VPN router in place, complete with Failover options, load balancing and support for multiple VLANs, you’ll need one or more access points with the kind of throughput and cutting edge technology that allows for maximum client capacity; just what any business gearing up to drive new growth needs.

Draytek VigorAP960C Mesh WiFi 6 Wireless Access Point

Draytek’s VigorAP960C is the perfect companion unit to their V2865 business router. Its mesh facilities combine with WiFi 6 technology to improve wireless coverage throughout your office whilst keeping network deployment costs low, while its WPA3 enterprise security offers the latest and greatest in adherence to cybersecurity standards.

The VigorAP960C’s mesh technology provides a self-optimising mesh network, ensuring constant use of the best, most efficient route to the mesh root node. Like other good mesh wireless solutions, Draytek’s mesh networks are also self-healing, meaning dropped connections due to loss of power or any other reason will automatically be accounted for, with units automatically connecting to the next most optimal device in the mesh network.

If your on-site router is already spoken for and you cannot deploy a Draytek router for the network, you’ll still be able to use a Draytek VigorAP mesh solution throughout your building to offer the best connectivity and wireless coverage possible for your staff. The mesh network can operate autonomously after setup with the Draytek Wireless app or it can be managed with hands-on control by either VigorACS or VigorConnect.


With 1.8Gbps throughput across both WiFi bands, Draytek's VigorAP960C mesh APs provide stable, superfast connectivity.

Device Management

Configuration of your Draytek VigorAP960Cs is easy, with the Draytek Wireless app all you need to get your device(s) and mesh network up and running via a handy mesh network creation wizard. When you need to get a little more granular, though, you have Draytek’s management platforms VigorACS Cloud and VigorConnect at your disposal.

The former is Draytek’s remote management system, accessible from anywhere in the world at any time. VigorACS Cloud requires a paid license whether you’re looking to host the platform yourself or to use Draytek’s cloud-hosted service. Each management solution’s minimum license is for 10 nodes (devices on the customer’s end), though Draytek dealers or installers offering a network management service can share this license across the networks of multiple clients (in other words, ten customers with one licensed managed router each).

VigorConnect, by contrast, is a free local device management platform that must be run locally on-site, downloaded and installed on any Windows machine. Although VigorConnect offers device management only for a single site, it otherwise offers many of the same excellent management capabilities as VigorACS, including remote upgrading of device firmware, scheduling of such maintenance duties for out-of-hours periods, alerts and logs.

Other Selling Points

Aside from its being a mesh WiFi 6 access point, the VigorAP960C offers up to 1.8Gbps wireless capacity across both bands. It’s ceiling or wall mountable, with VLAN support and support for up to 256 total concurrent clients, meaning a single VigorAP960C can provide wireless service for even the busiest business lobby, dining hall or reception area.


If your business network is due for an upgrade, what better time to implement that upgrade than right now, in time for when staff return to working from the office full time. With a quality network router like Draytek’s V2865 series, you’ll already be most of the way there, but without powerful access points capable of providing the coverage and throughput you need, whilst supporting the number of concurrent client connections you’ll need as well as the advanced configurations you’ll need to set up on your router, your network could falter.

Draytek’s VigorAP960C represents an excellent companion AP for the Draytek Vigor2865 series router. Its matte finish and low profile make the VigorAP960C unobtrusive and elegant whether wall- or ceiling-mounted, whilst its performance specs, mesh capabilities and support of WiFi 6 and WPA3 make this a perfect all-rounder access point for businesses.

Purchase Draytek network hardware including the VigorAP960C from NetXL today to get your business network back on form in time for the return of your staff in April.

Draytek’s Newest Managed Mesh Wireless Access Point: The VigorAP960C