What Is NETGEAR Insight?

What Is NETGEAR Insight?

3 Jun 2020 | 4 min read

Quick Summary

NETGEAR's network management system aims to simplify system administration down to a level accessible to all

NETGEAR Insight: Network Management System

NETGEAR Insight is a network management tool aimed at cutting out complexity for the end user. Often, network management systems created for large enterprises have a steep learning curve for the uninitiated.

Small businesses and homeowners do not have the luxury of on-site, permanently employed sysadmins who have the time and inclination to deeply acquaint themselves with such complicated systems. But, this demographic still needs a capable, reliable network for use both by themselves and, often, their customers. NETGEAR Insight represents the perfect solution, giving power back to those who don’t have dedicated network administration training.

With easy device setup and configuration, including one-touch product registration, Insight allows access and remote monitoring from either the mobile app or, for Insight Premium subscribers, the cloud web portal. Insight empowers businesses to manage their network devices from anywhere and provides a simple means for gathering comprehensible data on devices and sites, leaving business owners and IT contractors with more free time to manage their business.

How Can NETGEAR Insight Help My Business?

Simplified Network Management

Compatible with all NETGEAR Insight Managed Access Points, Switches and ReadyNAS devices, Insight simplifies device maintenance and management. Configurable alerts will notify the user of any network downtime, giving them the notice and information they need to address the situation quickly and efficiently.

In line with the philosophy of simplifying the network management process, NETGEAR Insight makes support available for all of your network devices via a single click. If you need pointers on how to optimise a device or some support for your network, there are no barriers: support is literally just a click or tap away.

Remote Management

NETGEAR Insight enables subscribers to monitor their sites and devices remotely or locally from a single device. Wherever you are, receive alerts, review device data or push firmware updates to your Insight Managed devices.

Such functionality is hugely useful to businesses for whom network uptime is critical. If something goes wrong with your network, you need to know and respond right away. NETGEAR Insight makes this possible. All you need is the Insight mobile app and an Insight Managed network to feel secure in your network’s integrity and the experience of your customers or clients.

One Year Free

NetXL customers will receive a one year free subscription to Insight with selected products, including:

Wireless Access Points

  • WAC505
  • WAC540
  • WAC564


  • GC108P
  • GC108PP
  • GC752X
  • GC752XP
  • GC728X
  • GC728XP


  • BR500 VPN Router


NETGEAR WAC540 Wireless Access Point - 1Yr Free Insight Subscription

Available via one of two subscription packages, NETGEAR Insight is available in both Premium and Pro flavours.

Subscription Options

Insight Premium

Available from £8.95 per device per year, the Insight Premium option provides the following features:

  • Unlimited NETGEAR device registration
  • No additional cloud controller, appliance, PC/server necessary.
  • Manage all switches, access points, storage devices and routers “portfolio style”
  • Wired and/or wireless network monitoring and management from a single device.
  • Remote access to monitor and manage all Insight Managed devices in your network.
  • Automated device discovery and one-touch device registration, making for simple set up.
  • Remotely roll out firmware updates or reboot devices to all Insight Managed devices in the network.
  • Instant push notifications for network and device status updates.
  • Easy click-through to support for each of your Insight Managed devices.
  • The Insight Premium subscription is perfect for single-site networks, smaller businesses and homeowners looking for a simple but powerful remote network management solution.

Insight Pro

For £24.99 per device per year, Insight Pro is available, with the following features:

  • Multi-tenancy support for the management of multiple organisations, even if each organisation possesses multiple sites with multiple devices. Includes full segregation for data-protection.
  • Assign user roles and rights
  • Rapid remote deployment
  • One touch NETGEAR support
  • Lower TCO (total cost of ownership) and scalability

Evident from the additional features, Insight Premium is well suited for networking and IT contractors or businesses who need to remotely manage multiple sites. This option is particularly well suited for the former group, due to the data protection potential of Insight’s multi-tenancy approach.


NETGEAR GC728X-100EUS 24port Network Switch - 1Yr Free Insight Subscription


NETGEAR Insight represents the perfect network management solution for small businesses, homeowners and network management contractors looking to offer their clients something understandable to - and usable by - all. An incredibly cost-effective solution that scales well and reduces training costs, browse our stocked NETGEAR products or get in touch with our customer service team for advice on which NETGEAR products are the right fit for you and your business.

Read the full press release on NETGEAR’s website.

What Is NETGEAR Insight?