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Do I need an XPOL-1 or an XPOL-2?

The XPOL-1 and XPOL-2 are different types of Poynting antenna - the XPOL-1 is an omni-directional antenna whilst the XPOL-2 is a directional antenna. This property can affect which antenna is best-suited for different applications, with both having strengths and weaknesses in certain deployments. These are the main talking points when deciding between an XPOL-1 and an XPOL-2. 


Carrier Aggregation

In some situations, an omni-directional antenna is much better suited due to the location of the nearby masts. With an omni-directional antenna, you may benefit from something called carrier aggregation - This is when the antenna combines two data connections from different carriers to send all the data through to the same destination at a much faster rate. 


MiMo (Multi in Multi out)

The MiMo (Multi in Multi out) that is offered by a device such as the XPOL-1 will not only support this but actually increase data transfer rates and, therefore, speed. The MiMo allows it to establish multiple connections and send the data simultaneously. This is also a benefit within a more urban location - the signal reflects from nearby buildings and ‘around’ corners, something a directional antenna may not be able to do. 


Rural Environments

In a more rural environment, you would definitely see the benefits of the XPOL-2 - a directional antenna. If the mast is further away from the site, you can ‘point’ a directional antenna’s energy in a specific direction and increase the speeds. The directional antenna is also less likely to be affected by interference as it’s focused in one direction, whereas the omni-directional can pick up interference from all directions. It’s better to install an XPOL-2 in an area where you have little-to-no signal to see the full benefits and effects. 



If you’re in an urban area looking to increase speed and signal strength, you’re much better off opting for the XPOL-1, whereas in a rural location with poor signal, generally, you should find the XPOL-2 better suited. 


We have a detailed blog on Omni or Directional antennas here if you’d like to learn a little more about our Poynting Antenna range. If you've got a marine application we have a blog on that too!