2N IP Intercoms announce updates to product names and Access Commander

2N IP Intercoms announce updates to product names and Access Commander

11 Dec 2017 | 2 min read

Quick Summary

IP Intercoms manufacturer 2N, have announced name changes for some of their IP intercom systems and version 1.9 of their Commander Access System.

Intercom manufacturers 2N have announced that as of January 1st 2018, they will be changing the names of their IP intercom and analog intercom products.

2N IP Intercoms to include technology in product names

New product names will still carry the 2N company name, but products will also carry the respective product technology, for example, IP in the case of IP intercoms. Products will also carry a descriptive name such as Verso, Solo, Base, Force, Safety, Uni or Vario.

Prior to this change, 2N used different product names for the German market, however with this upcoming change, all product names will be the same throughout all world markets.

2n introduce version 1.9 of the 2N Commander Access System

2N will be issuing new versions of their Access Commander software before the end of 2017. This software is intended for management of building access rights and 2N device configuration.

Version 1.9 of the 2N Access Commander system offers a range of updated features including:

Full Biometric Support

Where a fingerprint reader is used in conjunction with the 2N Helios IP Verso (soon to be the 2N IP Verso) and a 2N Access Unit, this can now be centrally managed using version 1.9 of the software. Fingerprints can be loaded via the biometric USB reader to the 2N Access Commander system. As a result of this, multi-factor authentication and the synchronisation of user access data can all be managed from one simple location.

Time zones

A clock showing the system date and time zone will now always be visible and the system will detect devices in different time zones. This time stamp will always be visible in the access logs and attendance records. These features will give your network or IP intercom manager an overview of time data when compared with local times for a faster way of differentiating time dependencies.

Automatic contact synchronisation

Intercom displays will benefit from automatic contact synchronisation. Contacts who are added or removed in the 2N Access Commander System will be shown immediately on 2N IP Verso and 2N IP Vario intercom displays. This software update will help speed up display management.

Multi-factor user identification

With the latest version of the 2N Access Commander System, you can set a combination of up to 3 different means of authentication for access zones, for example a PIN, RFID car and fingerprint. For offices and buildings that require stricter security access such as government offices and research and development rooms this feature will provide extra protection.

2N IP Intercoms announce updates to product names and Access Commander