Be heard with the new Grandstream GSC3500 series

Be heard with the new Grandstream GSC3500 series

27 Aug 2019 | 3 min read

Quick Summary

Add security and expand communication for schools and offices. Check out Grandstream's brand new SIP intercom and paging solutions.

The new Grandstream GSC3500 Series consists of two SIP intercom and paging solutions:

The GSC3510, SIP intercom speaker/microphone

The GSC3505, 1-way public address SIP speaker

The GSC3500 Series allows businesses to build powerful SIP intercom and paging solutions that expand communication and add security. With this addition to the family, Grandstream now provide complete and unified communication and security solutions because the two speakers can be integrated with Grandstream desktop and cordless IP Phones, IP PBXs and facility access devices. This series would be ideal for use in office buildings, enterprises, schools, healthcare facilities, retail centres, residential settings, warehouses and other indoor environments.

Breakdown of the GSC3510 and GSC3505 SIP intercom and paging solutions

The GSC3510 SIP intercom speaker/microphone is a robust SIP intercom device that offers 2-way voice functionality with both a high-fidelity 8W HD speaker and 3 directional microphones with Multichannel Microphone Array Design (MMAD) that offer a 4.2 meter pickup distance. The GSC3510 supports a wide-range of peripherals including Bluetooth devices, built-in whitelist and blacklists to block unwanted calls, integrated dual-band WiFi and advanced acoustic echo cancellation. Users can add this speaker and sculpt a state-of-the-art security and voice intercom solution.

The GSC3505 1-way public address SIP speaker is another robust SIP speaker that offers crystal clear HD audio functionality with a high-fidelity 8-Watt HD speaker. The GSC3505 supports Bluetooth devices, a built-in whitelist and blacklists to block unwanted calls,SIP and multicast paging, and integrated dual-band WiFi. Users can easily sculpt a state-of-the-art security and PA announcement solution by adding this product to their intercom set-up.

You can pair the GSC3510 and GSC3505 with other Grandstream devices, including desktop and cordless IP phones like:

The Grandstream UCM series of IP PBX, such as:

As well as the GDS series of Facility Access products like:

Click on the links above to find out more about each product.

Final thoughts on the GSC3500 Series

The Grandstream GSC3500 Series offers great quality intercom and paging with HD acoustic chambers, support for full-band and wide-band audio codecs including G.722 and OPUS, flexible connectivity with integrated Bluetooth, WiFi and network ports and 2-pin multi-purpose inputs for integration with third-party devices such as call-buttons. It is the perfect way for offices, schools, hospitals, apartments and more to build powerful public address announcement solutions to enhance security and effective communication.

If you have any questions about the GSC3500 Series, please do get in touch by email via or phone on 0330 043 3000.

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Be heard with the new Grandstream GSC3500 series