How is Bold Smart Lock so secure?

How is Bold Smart Lock so secure?

6 Oct 2022 | 4 min read

Quick Summary

Smart access to your property whilst keeping safe and secure? We've got you.

Bold Smart Locks are revolutionising home security by going completely keyless. When you join the keyless revolution, you are saying goodbye to losing keys and cards, and hello to a more secure future for your home, and those around you.

The Keyless Revolution

Since the 1800’s, we have been using traditional locks to ensure the security of our properties. Although traditional locks can be efficient at protecting your home, there are risks associated with this method of home security, such as key cloning, or even losing your keys altogether. Bold Smart Lock has upped the game by reforming the lock and key mechanism we are all familiar with, to locks which use anti-core pull protection, anti-drill impediment and multi-point lock technology.

Core-pulling is a method used by burglars where the burglar screws into the cylinder lock, and uses a claw hammer to pull the cylinder out of the door. Bold Smart Lock’s are keyless; which means there is no key hole for core pulling, it is simply impossible.

Burglars can also drill through traditional locks. The drill imitates a key and damages the lock enough to allow forced entry. Bold Smart Cylinders are equipped with anti-drilling barriers, and are made with Duracore™ materials. The Smart Cylinders also have no keyholes, so Drill Impediment isn’t a cause for concern.

The clue really is in the name, Bold Locks are smart; they keep track of who has been in and out of your property and lets you take control of who accesses your property, wherever you are.

In this day and age, we always have our phones with us; and with technology evolving faster than ever, Bold has got ahead of the game with home security at your fingertips.


Are Bold Smart Locks as secure as my traditional lock?

All Bold Smart Locks have SKG*** certification. Let’s discuss what this means. SKG is an independent body that has been monitoring and evaluating security product quality for more than 35 years. When a product such as a Bold Smart Lock has passed the SKG’s inspection, you are guaranteed that the product is burglar resistant. There are three tiers to SKG ratings, ranging from SKG* to SKG***, SKG* being the lowest, and SKG*** the highest. Products with one SKG star are not burglar resistant, and will need to be used with additional products to ensure adequate security. Products with three SKG stars can be used autonomously. These products are heavily burglar resistant, capable of delaying a burglar for up to five minutes using powerful tools. All Bold Smart Locks have the highest SKG*** rating, which means that security is a factor you can rest assured is taken care of.

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What happens if I lose/don't have access to my phone?

We all know the panic of losing our keys, and the uncertainty that follows. Using Bold completely eliminates this issue by switching the management of your home security from keys to screens; but of course the question arises; what happens if I lose my phone or don’t have access to it? Bold have got your back; No smartphone? No problem. You can easily enter your property without your phone by using a personal PIN, made by you. Just enter the 5-digit code by turning the knob, and you’re in.

If you’ve lost your phone and are concerned about somebody else accessing your home security, simply use another phone to log into your account, and block the Bold account from the lost device. Bold also has built in features in its system to ensure digital security. Messages between Bold products and the server are end-to-end encrypted, and each Bold product has its own unique code that cannot be duplicated. This means your Bold certified products can only communicate with each other and their secure server, protecting your home security setup from hacking and security breaches.


Who can access my properties?

Whether you’re a business owner or simply a homeowner, you can manage who has access to your property, and who enters at which time. It’s all up to you. By downloading the free Bold app, you can say goodbye to outstayed welcomes and set-up time diaries or schedule future dates with the duration and exact time you want to allow your guests or employees access. This means that as soon as the time is up, their access is revoked, and you can find comfort in knowing that your security is exactly as it should be.

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Security is completely covered by Bold. The keyless revolution is here and home security is stronger than ever. The possible dangers of using keys such as cloning and theft are eliminated when you make the switch to smarter, more advanced security to protect what’s most important to you.

How is Bold Smart Lock so secure?