How the Patch App & Go Network Cable Tester Can Save Network Technicians Thousands

How the Patch App & Go Network Cable Tester Can Save Network Technicians Thousands

16 Jan 2021 | 5 min read

Quick Summary

The Patch App & Go network cable tester: Test and trace your network circuitry in a cost-effective and capable package

Save Money with Patch App & Go

With more businesses than ever feeling the strain of the global pandemic, it is perhaps more important than it has ever been for businesses to conduct their operations in a way that is cost-effective, saving where they can and investing thoughtfully in solutions that can save them money in both the near- and long-term.

Patch App & Go is an exciting new network cable tester and cable tracer that can help to save network and cable engineers great sums of money over time. By employing Patch App & Go as part of your business’ patch panel testing process, you can save on staff costs, training costs and even take on more work. Here we’ll discuss exactly how this cable testing product makes it possible for your network cabling installation business to save money.


The Patch App & Go peripherals come with a handy hard case for protection.

Just One Network Technician Required

Savings on Business Costs

The Patch App & Go cable tracer and network cable tester makes the traditionally laborious job of patch panel testing easy. With a number of smart plugs and more available for purchase at any time, every port of a patch panel can be verified by a single technician.

The Bluetooth dongle connects to your smartphone and is carried by your on-site technician to each outlet around the building corresponding to the patch panel ports occupied by a smart plug.

If one person were to do this by themselves with a standard master and remote tester, they’d have to test each port-outlet pair individually, making another trip back to the panel after each test. With Patch App & Go, the technician need only move from one outlet to another around the building, completing tests without ever returning to the patch panel until the job is done.

When it comes to post-job paperwork, the smartphone app’s PDF generation capabilities will write up the job’s test results for you, saving your staff time. Not only that, but the app’s testing feature includes the capability to diagnose faults, informing you on-site staff of exactly what needs fixing before the job can be signed off. This could even reduce the amount of training necessary to produce capable cable technicians for your company.

Finally, since the job can be completed just as efficiently by a single person as by a team of two or more, your staff resources are freed up so you can take on more work at once, bringing more money into your business.


Further sets of six smart plugs are available for purchase, so you can test even 48 port patch panels in one go.

The Benefits of an App-based Network Cable Tester

Savings on Product Costs

If you’re an installation company or network provider offering installation services and want to keep costs low, it pays to limit the number of Fluke Networks units you have for providing certification and warranty for your job sites. Coming in at thousands per unit they’re certainly not cheap. For smaller jobs that do not need certification or warranty, you can verify the work done with a more cost-effective product.

This is exactly where Patch App & Go comes in. Your business can invest in Patch App & Go kits for all of your staff, limiting your inventory of the expensive - and more rarely required - Fluke Networks cable testing kits down to a minimum. This way, you can continue to work and verify completed jobs whilst keeping spending as low as possible.

The smartphone app makes the entire product cost-effective, as you forego the cost of dedicated handsets.

Compared to other ethernet cable verifiers, Patch App & Go manages to be cost-efficient without sacrificing capability. This is possible because you’re leveraging the power of the smartphones your staff carry around every day. Instead of having to buy a dedicated device with its own screen and CPU to display details of faults, you need only pay for the peripherals (smart plugs and dongle). Have your staff download the free app onto the powerful computers in their pockets and the cost of the most expensive hardware is already handled, leaving you with a highly capable device at an affordable price.

What’s more, since the product’s core functionality is handled by an app, the product is upgraded via your phone’s regular updates, meaning you won’t have to continually fork out extra money each time a new, upgraded product is released.

For large installations that need certification and warranty, you’ll of course need to continue using your Fluke Networks products. For smart home installs and other small installations, though, that don’t require certification, Patch App & Go will save you and your technicians time and money. Bringing you the capability to verify, test and trace your network circuitry in a cost-effective and capable package, combined with an intuitive and efficient graphical interface, Patch App & Go comes highly recommended as a tool that will save your technicians time and your business money well into the future.

If you’d like to start saving money across the board when. It comes to your installations and cable testing jobs, buy Patch App & Go today.

How the Patch App & Go Network Cable Tester Can Save Network Technicians Thousands