The Best VoIP Phones for Remote Workers

The Best VoIP Phones for Remote Workers

23 Oct 2020 | 3 min read

Quick Summary

With working from home becoming the new norm, business and their employees need hardware like desktop VoIP phones that enable continued productivity.

With regional lockdowns of varying degrees of severity now the new normal heading into the winter months, businesses will want to make sure their staff have all of the equipment they need to continue to work effectively from home.

VoIP technology is a great enabler of remote working and represents a great investment for businesses not already on board.

If you need to source VoIP phones for your staff, but don’t know where to start, we’re here to help with our three recommendations for the best affordable VoIP phones for remote workers.

Grandstream GXP1620

One of the most affordable VoIP phones on the market, the Grandstream GXP1620 covers all of the basics whilst being every bit as capable as more expensive units from better-known manufacturers.

Basic features such as call hold, transfer, forward and mute are built into the device for compatibility with your VoIP provider’s service. Three-way conference calls, off-the-hook auto dialling and dial planning are also on offer here.

A very simple interface makes things easier for staff when they’re setting up their VoIP phone, too, which can present issues for the uninitiated.

Those that need a device that’s PoE-powered can opt for the Grandstream GXP1625 instead at slightly higher cost, though remote workers shouldn’t have a problem situating themselves close to a power outlet at home.

Yealink T40G

Despite working from home, your workers may well want wired- or wireless-headset support so that they can continue to talk hands-free whilst taking notes or dealing with customer queries from their computer.

The Yealink T40G supports the Yealink YHS32/3 headsets as well as their wireless headset adapter, so will meet any and all hands-free needs.

The T40G comes at a higher price point than the Grandstream GXP1620, but with PoE support, enhanced call management features and excellent audio quality, this desktop VoIP phone is worth every penny.

Grandstream GRP2612P

The Grandstream GRP2612P supports PoE and 16 virtual multi-purpose keys (VPKs) which can be programmed to perform various quick actions, enhancing productivity. With HD audio support for all major codecs, including the new industry-standard Opus audio codec, as well as up to 16 BLF keys and enterprise-grade security, this is a premium VoIP phone at an affordable price point.

The GRP2612P is also the only model on this list to feature a colour-LCD panel and its sleek design is bound to add an executive edge to any home office.


For those who just need the simplest and most affordable VoIP phone available, you can’t go wrong with the Grandstream GXP1620, which provides the perfect balance of affordability and essential features. There’s also the GXP1625 for those that need PoE support for their handset.

For those who need headset support too, as well as a number of more advanced VoIP features and HD call quality, the Yealink T40G is a great choice.

For true power-user features including 16 VPKs programmable as BLF or quick-action keys, as well as Opus-codec support for the highest quality audio possible and a colour LCD display, the Grandstream GRP2612P is perhaps the most cost-effective model on the market offering such advanced features.

The Best VoIP Phones for Remote Workers