The Yealink CP700 and CP900 Speakerphones

The Yealink CP700 and CP900 Speakerphones

21 May 2020 | 4 min read

Quick Summary

Today's featured product is the Yealink CP700/CP900 line of conference speakerphones: Highly portable with immersive, high fidelity audio and Bluetooth connectivity.

Yealink CP700

The Yealink CP700 portable speakerphone is a lightweight and powerful battery-powered speakerphone. At 220grams, the CP700 weighs little more than the newest iPhone, making it truly portable. The 1420mAh battery provides the user with ten hours of active talk time and, for protection on the go, there is an included carry case.

Its extensive portability and excellent battery life make the CP700 perfect for the travelling executive or sales representative. He or she can effortlessly transport it from location to location. Upon arrival, setup is easy with plug and play connectivity to PC, tablet or smartphone via USB or Bluetooth.

The CP700’s omnidirectional microphone is sensitive for up to five feet from the device in any direction. A team of users sat around the device at a conference table can use the device simultaneously and all be heard in HD.

And as for audio playback? The CP700’s background noise suppression and acoustic echo cancellation technology will playback the voices of your clients, customers or colleagues in crystal clear quality.


Interact with the CP700 via stylish touch buttons for intuitive control of call volume and to pick up or put down calls.

Finally, the CP700 includes Microsoft Teams integration, making it the perfect device for organisations using Microsoft Teams to manage collaboration efforts.

Yealink CP900

The Yealink CP900 portable speakerphone offers all of the functionality of the CP700, but with some key upgrades.

Firstly, the larger 2450mAh battery allows for two additional hours of talk time, bringing the total talk time for a single charge to 12 hours. Note that the charge time for this unit is therefore increased from just 3hours for the CP700 to 5 hours.

Secondly, with a larger pickup range of 6.5 feet in any direction, the CP900 transmits HD quality voice for large teams around even the stateliest of conference room desks.


The already excellent signal-to-noise ratio for the CP700’s microphone of +58db is even better in the CP900 at +59db. Plus, its speaker offers greater sensitivity across a wider frequency range.

Both the CP700 and CP900 can be used as portable speakers, either via Bluetooth or USB connectivity, so can be used to listen to music. Great for personal as well as business purposes!

The Yealink CP700 is perfect for you if you’re looking for a lightweight speakerphone with a portable design with excellent audio playback and advanced microphone technology. reliably relays high-quality voice to the other side when participants will be sat no more than 5feet away from the device.

The Yealink CP900 is perfect for you if you’re a larger business that needs a product that can be pushed just that little further. The CP900’s longer battery life and larger voice-pickup range make it better suited for longer, larger conference calls and meetings. Also, if your organisation makes heavy use of Microsoft Teams, this is the model you’ll want to go for.

Video Conferencing Bundles

If you are looking to take full advantage of the CP700 and CP900’s Microsoft Teams integrations, you are likely interested in video conferencing.

The Yealink MVC300 Conference Room bundle and the Yealink VC210-CP900-Teams bundle makes this possible.


The VC210-CP900 Microsoft Teams Conferencing System couples the CP900 bluetooth speakerphone with VC210 4K Video Collaboration Bar. Purchase this bundle to ensure that you and your business are putting your best face forward in 4K video resolution and crisp audio quality.

Perfect for teams that want to give off the best possible impression, but have existing hardware with which to receive the other side’s video feed.


For those who want to invest in a truly complete video conferencing solution, look no further than Yealink’s MVC300 Conference Room System bundle. The CP900 speakerphone and UVC50 Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera with 12x optical zoom deliver an immersive experience for all participants.

The eight-inch touch control display offers users options that will be immediately familiar to all of those used to using Microsoft Teams.

Overall, the MCV500 is perfect for organisations looking to transform their medium-to-large conference room into a fully-functioning, virtual conferencing centre.

The Yealink CP700 and CP900 Speakerphones