Which Yealink Headset is Best For Me? | Yealink Headset Buying Guide

Which Yealink Headset is Best For Me? | Yealink Headset Buying Guide

30 Apr 2024 | 7 min read

Quick Summary

A guide to Yealink's portfolio of wired, DECT and Bluetooth headsets

Alongside their renowned corded and DECT VOIP phones, Yealink’s portfolio of headsets is no less impressive. Ranging from sturdy wired models to intelligent noise-cancelling Bluetooth devices, each unit delivers HD audio quality that seamlessly transitions between music and phone calls.

With choices spanning mono and dual-ear, Teams and UC, as well as wired, DECT, or Bluetooth connections, making the right choice can be daunting.

Whether you're seeking a single top-tier headset for personal use or outfitting an entire support team, we'll walk you through Yealink's headset lineup, ensuring you find the ideal solution for your business needs.

UC or Teams

Before deciding which type of headset you need, it’s important to bear in mind which calling platform you’re liable to be using, as each Yealink headset model includes either a Microsoft Teams or UC variant (UC stands for Unified Communications, and means that a headset can be used with your VoIP provider). 

A Teams-certified headset is natively compatible with both Teams and other VoIP providers, meaning it will work with any VoIP solution out of the box, whereas a UC headset is designed to work with any VoIP solution except Microsoft Teams. 

It’s possible in some cases to make a UC headset Teams-compatible by uploading Teams headset firmware to your UC headset, however this solution can prove less reliable than a dedicated Teams solution; if you’re liable to require Teams in any way, it’s recommended to purchase a Teams headset!

Wired Headsets

Yealink’s wired headsets are also engineered to offer all-day comfort even after intensive use, including ergonomically designed features like adjustable headbands and ear cushions. This, coupled with the fact that wired headsets offer a reliable, interference-free sound quality at a more affordable price point, makes them the perfect choice for call centres and customer support teams. 

Wired headsets also don't require any pairing or charging, guaranteeing a seamless, plug-and-play user experience - Yealink wired models sport either USB or 3.5mm jacks, and are suitable for desk phones, computers or mobile devices.




  • 10-30% lighter than other Yealink  models

  • Foam ear cushions for all-day wear

  • Passive noise-cancelling

  • USB-A connection port 


  • Professional-grade 35mm speakers and dynamic EQ

  • Active dual-microphone noise-cancelling 

  • Liftable microphone boom for smart-mute

  • USB-A and USB-C connection ports


  • Dual noise-cancelling microphones 

  • Dual Voice modes for music and calling

  • Simultaneous Bluetooth and USB connectivity 

  • Hand-held call controller


DECT Headsets

Yealink’s DECT headsets are a great choice for those who work in a single location, like an office or warehouse, but need greater flexibility and movement than a wired headset would allow. Not only is the talking distance greater than a Bluetooth headset can typically offer, calls tend to be more stable as DECT uses a different frequency to the already congested Bluetooth band.




  • Acoustic Shield and Optima Audio Experience technology

  • Soft leather ear cushions

  • Includes portable model 

  • Up to 160m range

  • Compact headset design

  • Acoustic shield technology with dual-microphone noise cancelling 

  • Includes an all-in-one touchscreen workstation

  • Up to 120m range

Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth headsets offer the most flexibility in comparison to the other models. They don’t require a wired connection nor a base station or dongle to function, and are able to connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device, providing instant, seamless compatibility with almost any laptop, mobile phone or tablet - as well as any Bluetooth-enabled Yealink desk phone. 

In addition to the significant flexibility a Bluetooth headset offers, Yealink’s collection also offer superior sonic detail and noise-cancelling technologies that perform just as well with music as with phone calls, and feature a broad range of hands-free wearing options to ensure that you stay in the loop no matter where you are.




  • Weighs only 140g with leather ear cushions for all-day wearing comfort 

  • 3-microphone noise-cancelling technology

  • Includes busylight

  • Up to 50m range

  • Weighs less than 100g

  • 4-microphone active noise-cancelling technology

  • Includes a compact and flexible base station

  • Up to 40m range

  • Sleek retractable microphone

  • 5-microphone active noise-cancelling technology

  • Includes a wide-angle busylight

  • Up to 45m range


With Yealink, whether you're stationed at your desk, on the move, or anywhere in between, finding the perfect fit is imperative for effective communication. By evaluating range, portability, and compatibility, you can select a tailored solution with confidence, ensuring seamless, hands-free productivity.

Ready to experience crystal-clear audio and all-day wearing comfort? Explore Yealink's range of headsets today and unlock a new level of communication excellence.

Which Yealink Headset is Best For Me? | Yealink Headset Buying Guide