Is NetXL GDPR Compliant?

Is NetXL GDPR Compliant?

25 Apr 2018 | 1 min read

Quick Summary

With upcoming GDPR updates, see how NetXL have taken additional measures to ensure your privacy and data are protected.

This is a question that recently we are getting asked more and more frequently. As a result, we have decided to put up a blog post about it. It goes without saying that we are indeed GDPR compliant.

You can read more about how we have always been secure in this blog post.

You can read our latest Privacy Statement here, amended and notified to all for GDPR.

We have always taken your privacy and data very seriously, but with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) coming into play on the 25th May 2018, we have taken it to another level. Some of the additional steps we have taken include:

Privacy Statement Updated

We have re-issued our Privacy Statement to make it clearer how we look after your privacy, comply with GDPR and care even more for your privacy.

Reduced the data we gather

We have made our sign up much simpler and reduced the amount of personal data you have to provide us with until we absolutely require it to provide our services to you.

Communication Preferences

We have made it much easier for you to choose how we communicate with you with new preferences under "Your Account".

Service Provider Review

We have reviewed all the partners that we need to share selective personal data with to provide our service. We have documented how we process data with them and ensured our contracts afford the protection you and us require.

Made our Cookie Policy clearer

This is now featured prominently on our home page.

You can be confident dealing with us, and that NetXL is fully GDPR compliant.

Is NetXL GDPR Compliant?