Protecting your data at NetXL

Protecting your data at NetXL

26 Sep 2017 | 1 min read

Quick Summary

We treat your security and privacy with the utmost importance. Find out what measures we take at NetXL to keep your data and privacy protected.

Since the outset, here at NetXL we have always put the utmost importance on your privacy and security. With upcoming General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) updates, we thought we’d run through a few of the ways that we comply and put your security first when you deal with us.

HTTPS protocol

When you view our website you are doing so with https. We’ve always been https and it ensures no one can interrupt and capture any input you provide us with. Not just at checkout, but across our entire website.

Payment Data

We don’t store it period. We use the largest payment processing company in the world to store it for us - Stripe powers companies such as ASOS, Deliveroo, Comic Relief, Facebook and us of course! We use a unique token that references your payment card. This token can only be used by us when accessed to process payments.


We protect them with our life. We use 12 rounds of an algorithm that turns passwords into a long string of no relevance to the original password. No one can view or obtain your password and should the worst happen, your data remains encrypted. The algorithm we use has never been cracked.

Data Files

Its all AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encrypted. Every last bit. When we store data, we do so by encrypting that file on our disks. It's only then decrypted by us, with our unique, protected and inaccessible key, on demand, as we provide our service to you. Not just sensitive data, all our data.

We will always endeavour to keep your data safe and secure to ensure that you always have the best experience with Netxl.

Protecting your data at NetXL