Introduction to Sennheiser headsets for business

Introduction to Sennheiser headsets for business

10 May 2019 | 5 min read

Quick Summary

Check out the latest Sennheiser headsets and find out which one is best for your business needs.

Sennheiser is a worldwide brand that is known for its high quality and cutting-edge audio solutions, including sound recording, transmission and reproduction. People widely purchase this brand for gaming, listening to, recording or mixing music. So, buying a Sennheiser headset for work means great sound quality, and much more!

Features which are included in pretty much all Sennheiser headsets are:

  • HD voice clarity

  • Wearing comfort

  • Robust quality with durable materials

  • Noise-cancelling microphone

Sennheiser produce both wired and wireless office headsets that cater for a variety of needs. They would be a great option for any business professional with their cutting-edge technology and great sound.

Sennheiser headsets offer huge variety

Owning a really good headset is definitely something that can bring a little extra happiness and comfort to your working day. You can take a look through some of our listed Sennheiser headsets and pick one to suit your work needs:

SC230 SennheiserHeadset SC260 Sennheiser headset

SC230 and SC260 - The SC230 is single-sided and SC260 is double-sided wired office headsets for professionals. These headsets offer bendable boom arm, so that your microphone remains in an optimal position for your voice to be picked up. Wear it on the right or on the left, thanks to the 350° rotation axis - your microphone can always be placed at an angle that suits you best.

SC660 Sennheiser headset

The SC660 is a premium wired office headset for all-day use with desk phones in busy contact center or offices. The headset is adjustable, lightweight and designed for long durability with Sennheiser’s high-end materials.

SC45 USB CTRL Sennheiser headset

The SC-45-USB-CTRL is a single-sided, wired headset with both 3.5 mm jack and USB connectivity. This dual connectivity headset is a flexible solution optimised for professionals who are managing calls on smartphone, tablet etc. as well as PC. Also, the sound enhancement profiles adjust automatically for optimal communication or multimedia use - available when the headset is connected via USB.

SC60 USB CTRL Sennheiser headset

The SC60-USB-CTRL is a double-sided office headset for users who prefer to have two ear pads with wideband sound. Plug and play performance helps make a smooth transition into unified communications.

SC665 USB Sennheiser headset

The SC665-USB is a premium wired headset with both 3.5 mm jack and USB connectivity. Built for comfort and durability, this headset is great for even the toughest contact centers and office environments. Connect from your PC, smartphone or tablet – in the office, on the road or working from home.

MB PRO2 UC Sennheiser headset

The MB-PRO2-UC is a premium Bluetooth headset for UC business professionals who want wireless communication freedom (up to 25m) with multi-connectivity. Seamlessly switch calls between 2 Bluetooth devices, for example, Bluetooth-enabled desk phone and mobile calls. MB Pro gives mobility to communicate in offices and on the move with up to 15 hours call time. In addition, the user is able to answer and end calls easily by placing the headset on/off the charger stand.

D10 USB Sennheiser headset

The D10-USB is a streamlined single-sided wireless DECT headset, connecting directly to the softphone/PC and provides full workday talk time with fast charging capabilities (charging 50% of battery in 20 mins). The D10-USB offers a choice of 3 wearing styles. Choose between single-sided headband, ear hook or neckband (neckband is available as an additional accessory). This headset is for both left or right ear wearing. Also, up to 3 additional guests can join the same conference call by simply docking the headset to the same base station.

DWPRO2DECT Sennheiser headset

The DWPRO2 is a DECT-based double-sided wireless headset designed for all-day users and experienced professionals working in noisy environments. DWPRO2 comes with dual connectivity to work with your desk phone and softphone. Built-in call handling makes it simple to answer/end, mute or control volume while moving around the office, while features such as left/right wearing and name plate makes it easy to personalise this headset. Also, you can charge 50% of headset’s battery in 20 minutes.

Which Sennheiser headset is right for me?

All models offer unique functions along with providing an excellent listening experience. Personal preference will play a large part in your selection. For example, if you are working and communicating in dynamic work environments where you need to be mobile and flexible then single-sided, wireless headsets would be great for you. But, if you are working in a busy, noisy open space office then double-sided and noise-cancelling headsets would be great for you to offer maximum focus. Check out our full range of Sennheiser office headsets today.

Introduction to Sennheiser headsets for business