Great Deals on Network Hardware: Reduced, Refurbished and Clearance Stock

Great Deals on Network Hardware: Reduced, Refurbished and Clearance Stock

26 Feb 2021 | 3 min read

Quick Summary

At any one time, NetXL stocks a great range of reduced and refurbished network switches, routers and more at discount prices.

Discount Network Hardware

At any one time, NetXL has dozens of products listed at reduced prices. Many of these items have been used for demonstration purposes in one of our educational or promotional YouTube videos, or for simple product testing in our controlled testing environment. Other times, these are products that have been purchased and then returned to us with some of the packaging missing. Still others are slightly older product lines, no longer being manufactured, that are slow to sell as a result of a newer model coming into the limelight. Given that this is enterprise-grade network hardware, even slightly older models are likely to outperform what’s marketed for the average consumer!

Our discount network hardware is sold at reduced rates with details as to how the products have been used (if at all) listed on the product page. While the experience of unboxing a fresh product is always positive and uplifting, we know from experience (and a studied phenomenon known as hedonic adaptation) that you’ll be more than used to your shiny new hardware within a couple of weeks, at which point you’ll care only about whether it’s making your life easier or harder. Ultimately, this comes down to the various features of the hardware, which are the same no matter whether the product has been unboxed previously at NetXL HQ or not.

Affordable Network Hardware

For the sake of full transparency, as is noted on each reduced product listing, some of these items will be refurbished or have some minor cosmetic damage, like a small scratch here or there. The severity of such scuffs and scrapes is always fairly reflected by our markdowns in price, so you can be confident you’re always getting a fair deal. Our reduced stock may also be shipped without the manufacturer’s packaging.

For those solely interested in how their affordable network hardware performs, less fussy about the consumer experience of unboxing a flawless, brand-new product, our reduced, refurbished network hardware is an excellent means of sourcing quality routers, network switches and wireless access points at excellent rates. It’s not uncommon to see reductions of more than 25% on items like IP phone accessories, with great reductions approaching 10% on products like Ubiquiti switches too.

A Wide Range of Network Hardware at Reduced Prices

Our reduced and refurbished range covers the whole range of NetXL stock. Ubiquiti switches, Draytek routers, Polycom VoIP phones - it’s all here. One thing worth noting is that, since these are products outside of the normal lines, our bulk discount pricing cannot apply to them. Since only brand new equipment can be valued equally, only brand new stock can be purchased in bulk. For network installers looking for new equipment for an upcoming job, brand new equipment will of course be desirable. For individuals, those who want testing units, or any other ad hoc requirement, you’ll find great deals at NetXL’s reduced and refurbished section. For home users, especially, who want to experience the power of enterprise-grade hardware at prices that would otherwise be impossible, our reduced and clearance stock can become a treasure trove of bargain deals for network hardware.

Great Deals on Network Hardware: Reduced, Refurbished and Clearance Stock