Draytek's new Vigor 2862 flagship router series is now available

Draytek's new Vigor 2862 flagship router series is now available

4 Sep 2017 | 2 min read

Quick Summary

Draytek have introduced a powerful new 2862 series of firewall/routers as their flagship models for business professionals.

We are pleased to announce that Draytek's new flagship 2862 series of routers/firewalls are now available to purchase.

Building on the existing popularity of Draytek's 2860 series of routers, the new 2862 series will bring a level of familiarity in format and UI to existing users. In that respect, these Vigor 2862 router models support all the features of the 2860, but with updated hardware and numerous other additional features.

The new features crammed into the 2862 series include increased maximum WAN throughput of 400Mb/s, Draytek customisable and brandable hotspot web portal for guest Internet access, 4x4 Multi-User-MIMO (5Ghz), band steering and Dual-band wireless features, plus options for up to 8 Private LAN Subnets and larger Subnets (up to 1022 IPs per subnet). The Vigor 2862 also include increased and faster memory, increased VPN throughput, increased maximum NAT sessions and DNSSEC support.

Draytek are calling this the 'Ultimate DSL router' and we can see why. The 28962 series supports both ADSL and VDSL for BT Infinity/FTTC and is jam-packed with professional features that increase flexibility and security.

Alternative WAN ports provide connectivity to Ethernet feeds, secondary xDSL modems or even a 3G/4G cellular service through a supported USB adaptor. Alternatively, the Vigor 2862Ln model has 3G/4G/LTE built in. For added redundancy, these multiple LAN feeds can be combined for increased failover or even load balancing.

Other professional features that supported by the Vigor 2862 include VLAN tagging, DNS filtering, Quality of Service assurance (QoS), user access control, support for extra TR-069 parameters, support for Ethernet Bridge Mode on Ethernet WAN2 alongside a 5 port Gigabit Ethernet switch, load balancing and more. The Draytek 2862 series supports IPV6 to allow more efficient routing.

As always, security has been considered seriously with Draytek. Their object-based firewall allows greater setup flexibility to benefit multi-departmental organisations. This firewall will also protect against attacks including IP attacks, Denial of Service (DoS) attacks and attempted access by unauthorised remote systems.

If you are a convert to the Draytek 2860 or they are your go-to business router, never fear because you will find that the 2862 series is also backwards compatible with Vigor 2860 series configurations.

There are currently 4 Vigor 2862 models which are the Vigor 2862, Vigor 2862n, Vigor 2862ac and Vigor 2862Ln. They are all available from the site. Place your order today for the best pricing on these flagship Vigor 2862 series routers.


Draytek's new Vigor 2862 flagship router series is now available