Aruba Access Points and Network Switches Now Available for Purchase!

Aruba Access Points and Network Switches Now Available for Purchase!

16 Dec 2021 | 3 min read

Quick Summary

Aruba Instant On wireless access points and managed Gigabit network switches now available for purchase from NetXL.

Aruba Instant On

The newest addition to NetXL’s catalogue is Aruba’s ‘Instant On’ line of enterprise-grade access points and network switches.

Work-from-home WiFi, security performance and easy setup.  No tech experience needed, set up in a few clicks and monitor/manage your business network from anywhere using your phone.

Though we’re expecting our Aruba network switches to land before the end of 2021, you can check out and purchase Aruba WiFi access points right now.


What Is Aruba Instant On?

Aruba is a subsidiary of the revered Hewlett Packard Enterprise software company.

Aruba Instant On’s tagline is ‘Wi-Fi designed with small businesses in mind’.  

Intended for businesses without the resources to hire or train network administrators to manage a secure business network full time, Aruba Instant On is designed to be easy and fast to manage.

With a focus on out-of-the-box functionality and ease of use, Aruba nevertheless manages to maintain a high standard of device security.  A range of managed network switches covers firewall and traffic filtering responsibilities, while all products can be managed via the smartphone app or cloud-hosted management platform.

The Aruba Instant On Line of Products

The Instant On range is focused; each product has its own firm place in the lineup.

This is another reason the range is so good for SMBs.  Being so focussed makes it easy for even time-starved small businesses without much technical expertise to understand which products they need and what value they bring to the network.

The range includes indoor and outdoor wireless access points and managed gigabit network switches.

Though there are no routers in the range, security features are built-in to restrict and filter network traffic at a level appropriate for businesses.  Businesses can therefore use their ISP-provided router as a simple gateway and leave the advanced security measures to Aruba’s managed switches.

All APs offer mesh capabilities and, depending on the model, various types of MIMO.  The AP11, for example, is 2x2 MIMO while the AP15 is 4x4.


Who Are Aruba Products For?

Anyone who loves the ease of adoption, setup and management of products from the likes of Ubiquiti will love Aruba Instant On.

Aruba products are perfect for medium-density, small business environments where the maximum is demanded of each network device to maximise the cost-to-benefit ratio of the deployment.

Even Aruba’s entry-level APs like the AP11 and AP11D offer 1.2Gbps wireless throughput and scale up to 25 APs in deployment without adding unexpected cost or complexity.

Manage multiple sites and multiple networks through the mobile app or cloud-hosted web interface.


Buy Aruba Instant On Access Points and Switches

Buy Aruba Instant On network devices including the AP11 , AP12 and AP15 access points, as well as Aruba Instant On's new WiFi6 (802.11ax) access points like the AP21 and the AP32.  With a range flexible enough to accommodate a huge variety of business types and applications, including the discerning home user, NetXL is proud to be a UK Aruba Distributor for Instant On hardware, which represents an optimal and cost-effective business networking solution.

Aruba Access Points and Network Switches Now Available for Purchase!