Pre-configured TP-Link Routers for ISPs

Pre-configured TP-Link Routers for ISPs

18 Aug 2021 | 2 min read

Quick Summary

For ISPs looking to send configured routers directly to customers, NetXL now offers several models of TP-Link routers pre-configured to your specification.

What’s New?

You can now purchase several models of TP-Link routers from NetXL pre-configured to your specification.

We offer the following models with configuration:

In addition to configuration, we can also use your own branding on the packaging. Combined, these NetXL services let you ship routers directly to your customers with custom configuration and featuring your branding without ever having to pass through your hands.

Why This is Exciting

This is particularly exciting for ISPs as it makes your rollout process more scalable and manageable. If, traditionally, you have had to order a bunch of routers then configure them yourselves before passing them onto your customers, you’ll now be able to skip that step, saving you time and money. You won’t even have to touch the routers yourself - just tell us what you’d like in the config and order as many as you like, shipping to one or more locations of your choice.

What’s more, thanks to our plain and custom packing services, you’re in full control over what branding your customers see. We’ll ship directly to your customers, but they never have to know that the routers have come from us. Choose from either your own branding or plain packaging from your account dashboard to take advantage of this feature.

Finally, configurations go further than simple broadband credentials. We’ll also configure SSIDs, WiFi passwords and more, even extending to building a custom, branded web interface for your routers so if/when your customers do log in to change something on their end, they’re reminded of you.

How You Can Benefit

We’ll be building a bespoke config file for you, so get in touch with us directly when you’re ready to order and request this service at the same time. We’ll discuss what features you want to be included and we’ll get to work!

We’re currently offering custom branding and configuration for TP-Link routers, including the Archer VR400 & VR600 models and the TD-W9970. To use your brand logo on your shipping label, upload it in the ‘Packaging’ section of your account dashboard. If you want us to brand the router’s web interface for you, we can pull your logo from here or you can send it to us directly.

As for the details of your configuration, we will require your chosen username and password after checkout. You’ll add these details from your account dashboard as well.

Finally, for next day delivery by DPD or Royal Mail, be sure to place your order before 2 pm to allow for configuration before dispatch.

Pre-configured TP-Link Routers for ISPs