Yealink T5 series of smart media VoIP phones are now available

Yealink T5 series of smart media VoIP phones are now available

21 Aug 2017 | 2 min read

Quick Summary

Yealink have brought out a fantastic set of T5 series smart media VoIP phone for use with your desired VoIP or SIP provider. Find out more today.

We are pleased to announce that we are now stocking the latest in Yealink's T5 series smart media VoIP phones. The T5 series includes the T58V, T56A, T54S VoIP phones which are available for distribution and sale now.

These specific smart media SIP phones offer an all-in-one solution for small, medium and large businesses, with a design unique to the industry, Android OS, high definition video and audio quality, and a number of robust business features.

All Yealink phones in the T5 series comprise of a heads-up LCD touch screen display for ease of use, visibility and one-touch access to information. Specific to the T58A and T58V, are the additional adjustable camera and screen which can be manoeuvered to the user's desired angle and height.

Opus codec support and the latest sound processing technology enable clear conversations over your VoIP or SIP Trunk service. Coupled with the 720p HD camera and 7-inch multi-touch screen, users can enjoy high quality video calls with vivid visuals. These phones, conference call and video capabilities can offer benefits for remote workers and busy multi-site offices.

The Android 5.1.1 based operating system allows for optional third party app installation and inbuilt web browser. This in turn allows for a greater scope for user customisation to meet their unique day to day demands. The bundled Android applications include FileManager, Email, Calendar, Gallery, Calculator and a web browser allowing users to make the most out of one single desktop device for day to day office and home office use.

Yealink's T5 series also brings productivity enhancing features to the table too. Up to 16 VoIP/SIP accounts are supported on one device which is a must for any busy, bustling office. The T5 series phones also come equipped with built-in bluetooth, WiFi connectivity and colour screen expansion support.

The T5 series of smart media IP phones offer convenience and flexibility and are ideal for business professionals. Check out the latest Yealink T58V, T56A, T54S models on the website and order some for your office or clients.

Yealink T5 series of smart media VoIP phones are now available