German engineered SIP standard VoIP phones for enterprise

We are an Snom UK distributor to wholesale and reseller customers. A leading worldwide brand for IP phones, Snom has over 25 years experience in enterprise telephony. Snom’s IP phones are based on SIP standards to be compatible with the leading PBX and VoIP platforms. Snom VoIP phones are engineered to be reliable and easy-to-use.

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Snom M15 Image
Snom M15 SC DECT Handset
£56.50inc VAT
D385 Deskphone
Snom D385 VoIP Deskphone (No PSU)
£163.99inc VAT
Snom M900 base station
Snom M900 Multicell DECT Base Station
£323.99inc VAT
Best Seller
Snom 5V PSU
Snom PSU 5v Main Power Supply
£19.02inc VAT
Best Seller
Snom PA1+ VoIP/SIP Public Announcement System
Snom PA1+ SIP-Based Public Announcement System
£146.99inc VAT
Snom A190 Mono DECT Headset Image 1
Snom A190 Monaural DECT Wireless Headset
£115.49inc VAT
Snom D785N IP Desk Phone Front Angle
Snom D785N IP Desk Phone
£164.50inc VAT
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Founded in 1997 in Berlin, Snom Technology GmbH started as a pioneer for professional voice-over-IP endpoints and solutions. Evolving into a globally recognised premium brand, Snom now designs and manufactures state-of-the-art IP phones, wireless DECT solutions and smart workplace technologies for the business and industrial sectors.

Snom’s product development strategy focuses entirely on market needs and the individual requirements of its customers and partners from around the world.

Snom has local offices in several countries in Europe and has been part of the VTech Group since 2016. Product and solution development is in Germany and Snom has full control over the manufacturing cycle. Snom distributes products via a network of 3500+ certified partners from all over the world. These factors combined make Snom an impressive partner for any business.