Wireless Ceiling Speakers from Lithe Audio

Wireless Ceiling Speakers from Lithe Audio

26 Jan 2021 | 6 min read

Quick Summary

Ceiling speakers from Lithe Audio come in both Bluetooth and WiFi varieties. Learn more about these wireless ceiling speakers and what makes them so popular.

Wireless Speakers for Your Wireless Network

More and more, both businesses and home consumers want a network that can do everything. NVR security capabilities, gigabit ethernet, multi-layer security features and remote access control systems are just some of the features that are expected from a modern network. That’s a long list!

But today, there is even more that’s possible and, if you’re an installer of network hardware, a home user or a business owner yourself, it takes just one more step to add a wireless audio system to your home or place of business that works flawlessly with your new network.

Wireless speakers that you control from your phone over WiFi have become as much a part of the end-user’s local network as an access point or smart speaker. What’s more, the best speakers are operable via Amazon Alexa, Google Nest and other similar smart devices so, when you modernise your network, you’re modernising your entire home or office, too.

That’s why, if you’re an installer and are already kitting out a building with network hardware, or if you’re an end-consumer or business owner, a wireless speaker system is an excellent addition to any network.


Lithe Audio WiFi Ceiling Speaker

The Upside for Installers

With the same great pricing you’ve come to expect from NetXL with its traditional networking hardware products, network installers can now expand their service with wireless ceiling speakers.  We still offer next-day delivery up to 7pm and you’ll still find the same great volume pricing options available for bulk orders.  What’s more, our customers who are active in the industry can contact us to enquire about opening a Trade Account with us for even better pricing and terms.  If you think you might be eligible for such special terms, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today; we’d love to hear from you.

With half a day’s work, you can install for your customers a wireless speaker system that they control from their phone.  How is this possible in so little time?  Thanks to the built-in amplifier in each Lithe Audio speaker, there’s no need for complex cable routing and planning.  All you need to do is follow the 4-step installation process, which involved cutting a hole in the ceiling and plugging the speaker into an outlet.  Since they’re so easy to retrofit into existing builds, there’s minimum disruption for your clients and your team’s existing skills will be more than enough to handle what is almost a DIY-level install.  This saves on cable costs, labour time and reduces the necessary training for the installation of these ceiling speakers to zero. Even if you consider yourself strictly a network hardware installer, you won’t need to attend any courses or brush up on any long-forgotten skills to get these installed.

As a result, not only will you be delivering your client a new network, but you’re getting them started with their own home or office media system, too. As an upsell, there are few that would turn this down, especially once they understand how painless the installation process is.


The Upside for End Users

It’s not just installers these ceiling speakers are perfect for, though. All this elegance in design and ease for the installer doesn’t mean that the product sacrifices when it comes to quality, though.  A titanium tweeter and kevlar woofer make for a durable product, highly responsive with great depth of  sound once broken in, meaning these speakers will sound better and better the more you use them.

What’s more, if you’re a home user with some basic DIY skills, some confidence and a desire to fill your home with the dulcet tones of your favourite soul singers, the bass-heavy beats of your favourite EDM producer or the grinding guitars of heavy metal greats, you can just install these speakers yourself. And, if you lack said DIY confidence, not to worry, your local handyman will be able to get the job done for you in no time at all.

The units ship with a cutting template and detailed instructions on how to install the units (see below), so don’t worry, the process is a far-cry from the nightmare that is flat-packed furniture.

With just four installation steps, it really is simple to get your wireless speakers installed and, by taking on the labour costs of installation yourself, you save even further on what is already an excellent price for an elegantly designed, expertly calibrated ceiling speaker.

The Installation Process


With an easy four-step installation process, anyone can retrofit a wireless audio system to their home or office

Bluetooth or WiFi Connectivity: Options for the End-User

With Lithe Audio’s wireless ceiling speakers, you have two options when it comes to wireless connectivity: BlueTooth and WiFi. Both Bluetooth and WiFi ceiling speakers are available.  Both types of speaker can be controlled wirelessly with your phone. Lithe Audio Bluetooth speakers are Bluetooth 5.0 compliant and feature a low-latency AptX chip, meaning you can stream audio from your TV to your wireless ceiling speakers without that annoying lag between your eyes seeing your favourite character’s mouth move and your ears hearing the corresponding words.

As mentioned earlier, these Bluetooth speakers are compatible with smart devices such as Amazon’s Alexa smart speaker, as well as smart assistants like Google Home, giving you the ultimate in smart home, voice-activated media setups.  Meanwhile, the Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility means that your connection is stable for up to 30 metres, so can wander freely without the need to set your phone down for fear of losing connectivity.

When it comes to WiFi, Lithe Audio products are just as capable, with Apple Airplay 2 compatibility and a proprietary smartphone app giving you full control over up to 32 pairs of speakers; more than enough for even the largest configuration. From the app or Airplay 2, zone your speakers together for multi-speaker, in-unison playback and exercise control over playback volume and which artist or album to play next.


Whether you’re an industry installer of network hardware looking for a simple way to upsell your existing services, or a home user with a hankering for a quality home audio solution without the hassle typically associated with their installation, then look no further than NetXL for Lithe Audio’s WiFi and Bluetooth ceiling speakers.

Finally, if you have a Trade Account with us, don’t forget to take advantage of your special terms with us by placing your next order soon.  And, if you’re active in the industry and believe you’ve seen better prices elsewhere, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your options for opening a Trade Account with us; we’d love to hear from you.

Wireless Ceiling Speakers from Lithe Audio