2N’s IP Force: Ruggedised IP Video Intercom for Industry Applications

2N’s IP Force: Ruggedised IP Video Intercom for Industry Applications

12 Feb 2021 | 5 min read

Quick Summary

2N’s IP Force IP intercom is the perfect access control device for industry applications requiring devices that are anti-vandal, ruggedised and weatherproofed

What Is the 2N IP Force Intercom?

2N’s IP Force is an IP intercom for industry applications requiring devices to be anti-vandal, ruggedised and weatherproofed.

When it comes to available installation methods, the IP Force is versatile, capable of being surface or flush mounted, but also offering a stand-mounted option. Frequently, those in industry will want to mount an intercom out in an open space or by the side of the road for drivers to use without having to exit their vehicles. The 2N IP Force intercom can be stand-mounted with options for mounting at car-height or truck-height.

What’s more the IP Force’s IP69K weather rating and IK10 impact rating make it even better suited for applications in open spaces or in locations where harsh weather is expected. Incredibly durable, the IP Force can be installed even in high-risk areas and trusted to withstand anything thrown its way.


2N's IP Force intercom and access control unit

The IP Force’s 10W amplifier ensures that two-way communication can take place between a user at the linked 2N Answering Unit and the visitor, even over loud environmental or background noise.

With an internal camera available and support for linking a second, external camera for an alternate video feed of your visitors, the IP Force can be easily integrated to a site’s existing CCTV or surveillance system to increase site security, as well as ensuring security teams can get a good look at visitors before granting them access.

For those high-security locations where it’s imperative that calls to the intercom be answered at all hours, the highly configurable IP-nature of the IP Force makes it possible to route calls from the intercom to a phone number or deputy 2N user for those times when the site’s default answering unit is unattended. Such call routing options are further configurable with time profiles, which can also be set up to have the intercom only accept certain forms of access verification at certain times of the day or night.

The 2N IP Force also boasts access control functionality via the built-in RFID reader. With multiple RFID frequency options, the IP Force can be effectively integrated into existing on-site security systems or implemented as part of a new ID-card security system.

Additional Licenses

Finally, additional 2N licenses can be added to further enhance the functionality of the IP Force intercom. 2N’s Enhanced Security license will, for a fee, grant the encrypted communications (by way of TLS, SRTP, 802.1x) and additional security features (including a silent alarm and alerts for failed access attempts) to the IP Force, further cementing its position as the best intercom for high-security sites.

Other compatible licenses include Enhanced Audio, Enhanced Video and Enhanced Integration. All of these plus the Enhanced Security license are bundled together into 2N’s Gold License option, making for a cost-effective option for those applications that need enhanced functionality across the board.


2N's IP Force is perfect for gated communities, military bases and any other location requiring high security and durable equipment.

How Does the IP Force Compare with Other 2N Products?

When compared with the IP Verso, 2N’s flagship product, the unique aspects of the IP Force are clear. The IP Verso, known for its modular design, has far more flexibility when it comes to configuration options than almost any other intercom on the market. That includes the IP Force, which lacks the IP Verso’s modularity.

However, the primary selling point of the IP Force is its ruggedness and suitability for high-security applications. In this facet, the IP Verso cannot compete. For military bases, airfields, banks and high-security industrial facilities, the IP Force is perfect. Though all of 2N’s IP intercoms with access control functionality can be used as a security measure, the anti-vandal and tamperproof nature of the IP Force, especially when paired with its high impact and weather protection ratings, make this particular model the most appropriate for high-security locations where forced entry by unwanted visitors is a risk. Though a break-in is never a welcome, anti-vandal measures are especially important for remote regions where security backup may not be able to arrive promptly or where the facility houses precious goods.

2N’s other intercom marketed for industry, the IP Safety, is more appropriate than the IP Force for hazardous environments where aid may need to be called quickly. Its simple button layout makes it easy for users in need to call for help, whilst its high-contrast, bright orange design make it easily distinguishable even at a distance. The IP Safety also lacks support for internal or external cameras, making it less well suited for security and surveillance purposes and better suited for locations in which the environment or machinery is could cause harm to individuals.

Who Is the IP Force For?

Possible applications:

  • Airfields / military bases (entry gates)
  • Warehouses
  • High-security locations
  • Production facilities for high-value goods
  • Car parks
  • Regions with harsh weather (outside mount)

2N IP Force

2N’s IP Force can be purchased from NetXL along with many other 2N IP Intercoms and Access Control Units. If you’re a potential customer active in the industry and interested in sourcing 2N equipment for an upcoming installation, don’t hesitate to get in touch to for a personalised quote.

2N’s IP Force: Ruggedised IP Video Intercom for Industry Applications