The USW-Flex: A small but powerful PoE switch

The USW-Flex: A small but powerful PoE switch

30 Oct 2019 | 3 min read

Quick Summary

Find out more about Ubiquiti's powerful Unifi USW-Flex gigabit switch for outdoor and indoor use.

The Unif USW-Flex is a configurable layer 2, gigabit switch which is fully VLAN capable and with auto-sensing 802.3at PoE.

The USW-Flex has 5 x RJ45 gigabit ethernet ports, which feature a single PoE in port for power and four PoE ports that provide up to 15W PoE output to power other devices such as:

The single PoE port for power supports 802.3af/at/bt in, and four PoE out ports are to be used as a PoE distribution hub to other devices.

Powering the USW-Flex gigabit switch with with a 802.3bt device will give up to 46 watts across the four output ports. Considering most devices would not need nearly that much, the USW-Flex is a very powerful small switch. For example, a mobile phone will take 4-5 watts, an access point 3-4 watts, and an IP camera around 15 watts.

It is important to note that if you power the USW-Flex with a 802.3af device, such as a US-8-60W managed gigabit switch, it might not be very productive, if you want to utilise all four of the PoE out ports. In this instance the US-8-60W would not be powerful enough to give power to more than one of the 802.3af devices, such as UAP-NanoHD or T48S. You would be better off using an 802.3bt device such as USW-INDUSTRIAL 10 port switch, or even the US-XG-6POE 6 port PoE switch in order to supply more power to the four PoE out ports, meaning that the USW-Flex will be able to handle multiple 802.3af/at devices plugged into it.

Moreover, if you are looking to power the USW-Flex through a PoE injector you should use a 54 Volt, 1.1 Amp PoE injector. The POE-54V-80W Gigabit PoE Injector should also be compatible.

Additional USW-Flex Features

The USW-Flex offers versatile mounting options, with interchangeable wall and pole mount brackets included. The USW-Flex can also be magnetically mounted by placing or hanging the unit on a magnetic surface.

The UniFi Switch Flex has weatherproof housing, but as there is no IP rating like IP66 or IP67 mentioned in the data sheet, we would advise careful consideration of where you place your USW-Flex. With operating temparatures between -40 and +55°C, the USW-Flex does however offer durability for environments with extreme variations in temperatures.

In addition, the USW-Flex device can be managed and configured through the UniFi Controller software or UniFi Mobile app, which allows admins to configure and monitor virtually all of the switch features from anywhere, using a graphical user interface.

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The USW-Flex: A small but powerful PoE switch