The Next Generation Teltonika RUTX09 LTE Cellular Router

The Next Generation Teltonika RUTX09 LTE Cellular Router

5 Jun 2019 | 2 min read

Quick Summary

Teltonika’s next generation RUTX09 LTE Industrial Cellular Router is definitely worth a look-in! Find out more today.

Introducing the Teltonika RUTX09 LTE Cat 6 WiFi Router with downstream speeds of up to 300Mbps - twice the speed of previous generations' Teltonika LTE routers, such as the RUT240, RUT950, and RUT955 3G/4G router.

The RUTX09 is a powerful router option with 4 x Gigabit Ethernet ports and boasts advanced RutOS software and security features. The RUTX09 is equipped with Dual-SIM which provides peace of mind and seamless connectivity through Dual-SIM failover. Also, with built-in WiFi connectivity you can free yourself from ethernet-based on-site maintenance and streamline your installation with one less device.

RUTX09 WiFi Router Features and Benefits

The Teltonika RUTX09 is designed to be used as a main or backup internet source where steady connection and high data throughput is required. See the list of the RUTX09’s main features below:

  • LTE Cat 6 with speeds up to 300Mbps

  • Gigabit Ethernet with speeds up to 1000Mbps

  • Dual-SIM with auto Failover. Backup WAN and more other SW features

  • Teltonika Remote Management System compatible

  • Multiple secure VPN services

  • Easy to use, secure and with rich OpenWrt based Operating System

  • Reliable Connection watchdog

  • 3 alternative internet sources

  • Durable aluminium housing

  • Wide voltage range (9-50 V)

  • External temperature range (-40 +75 °C)

  • Multiple VPN options

  • Advanced firewall functionality

  • Various encryption protocols supported

Teltonika’s RUTX09 can be useful in many scenarios. For example, helping public city transport integrate modern digital pay systems along with providing WiFi connection services as an added value to the passengers. Also, many households and businesses opt to use wireless technologies to power smart grids for use of smart meters, smart appliances, renewable energy resources, and energy efficient resources, in an attempt to solve pollution problems. The RUTX09 is a great networking solution for the modern smart meter type movement.

Manage your RUTX09 with Teltonika’s Remote Management System

In addition, you can manage your RUTX09 router, or any other Teltonika routers remotely using the centralised Teltonika Remote Management System where you will be able to access, control and monitor all of your routers within a single platform. For further details on Teltonika's Remote Management System click the following links for the RUT-RMS1 1 Month RMS Licence or RUT-RMS 12 Monthly RMS Licence today.

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The Next Generation Teltonika RUTX09 LTE Cellular Router